Got a hair trim. Aric, Ashlyn, and I met up with Wil, Tony, Cin, Ivy, Oli, Aaron, and Mayu for lunch, then we all headed over to Ranch 99 to buy dinner ingredients. Matty, Paul, and Sarah joined us at Wil and Tony's for a "Dumpling Wrapping Party". We had a great time hanging out and chowing down. Almost everyone spent the night there...because Wil and Tony's place is so nice and cozy. We always joke that Wil's the "monica" in our group of friends. She loves to play hostess, and kept offering us hot cocoa with caramel. She was NOT going to be happy until someone finally agreed to a cup. HAHAHAHA

Matty giving Ashlyn a "matti2d adjustment"

me and Aric

Paul, Oli, and Tony...3 Men and a Baby

Matty, Aric, Mayu, and Paul playing poker...

...while Sarah, Wil, Aaron, Cin, Ivy, and I wrapped "water dogs"

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