Today was Grace's Baby Shower/House Warming Party. Aric, Ashlyn, and I headed up to Stevensons Ranch again. The traffic going up wasn't too bad this time.

Brian and Grace were gracious hosts to about 20 friends and a handful of other lil' ones. The afternoon was spent eating and mingling amongst friends.

Grace's dog, Furby, got kicked and terrorized by a few kids. Poor thing. =( On a brighter note, Ashlyn was less fearful of Furby this time. She even got into his dog bowl and sampled a couple of his Kibbles-n-Bits! *GASP!* YUCK!!!! =P

Brian and Grace got a lot of shower gifts...most of them being duplicates. Babies "R" Us didn't do a very good job at keeping the registry current. All of their guests (except for me, Aric, Ashlyn, Grace, James, Lauren, and Baby Taylor) left shortly after that.
We spent the entire evening there....probably overstaying our welcome...and didn't get home until past midnight. hehehehe I had a great time
hanging out with everyone.
*YAWN!* Tired now. =D

Pictures from today:

Ed and Ashlyn

Ed, Sue, and Ashlyn

Lisa, Grace, and Jen chatting

Aric and James up in the loft with the lil' ones

Baby Taylor *CUTIE!*


Ashlyn giving Brian candy...or is it the other way around?

Brian with Baby Taylor

me, Grace, and Grace with our lil' ones

Ashlyn fascinated with Furby

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