Happy Friday! Ashlyn and I spent the day with Grace and her girls. We ran errands, shopped, had lunch at Red Robin, and went to Costco.
The funniest thing happened at lunch...Ashlyn must have been feeling really tired because she started falling asleep at the table. I know kids do that a lot. But it was just so funny watching Ashlyn fight it. Her eyes would get heavy and close for a second, but then she would snap herself out of it and smile and laugh. It went on for a few seconds until she finally put her head down on the table. She's like one of those wind-up toys that stops abruptly. Ashlyn had a steak fry in her mouth when...*snap fingers*...she was out! HAHAHAHAHA!

I got home shortly before Aric got home. We were planning a quiet evening at home....you know: home-cooked meal, maybe watch a DVD...just chill. But then Grace called and said that Patti wanted to get together for dinner. Today was Patti's due-date, but so far, no sign of baby. She wanted to take advantage of (possibly) one of her last nights out until the baby comes....then she's confined to "house arrest" for a month. hehehehe

Sam, Patti, Grace, Lauren, Baby Taylor, Wey, Aric, Ashlyn, and I ate at Ibisu in Fountain Valley. Ashlyn wasn't very pleasant at dinner since she recently discovered how to throw food! Oh, hell naw! She has actually been acting up a lot lately...being really mischievious, stubborn, and completely fearless (especially when being reprimanded). *sigh*
After dinner we hung around in the parking lot just chewed the fat.

We got home late. Ashlyn went straight to bed while Aric and I stayed up a little longer to watch TV and talk. I'm pretty beat too because Ashlyn didn't sleep very well last night and cried a lot. It happens every time we come back from a visit. It takes her a couple of days to get used to sleeping in her crib again. Hopefully she'll sleep better tonight. It's late now...I better go to bed!
Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Silly Lauren

Baby Taylor

Ashlyn one minute...

...and sleepy the next. HAHAHAHA!

Lauren and Ashlyn at Costco

me and Ashlyn at Ibisu

Aric and Ashlyn

Lauren posing

Patti and Sam

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