Got up early...spent the morning packing up, cleaning, and vacuuming the house before Wing came over. We dropped my mom off at her work before heading out to lunch. Ivy met up with us and we ate at Katana-Ya Ramen in J-town.

We walked around J-town afterwards and bought some cute (but pricey) snacks/candies. Ivy couldn't stay long afterwards and needed to get back into the City. Wing, Ashlyn, and I ended up hanging out in front of Ben & Jerry's at The Mercado Center before my flight.

The flight home was smooth and quick. Ashlyn was such a goodgirl on the flight.
Aric picked us up and we stopped off at South Coast Plaza to pick up some things. I was only gone for a week, but South Coast made quite a few changes while I was gone. They remodeled Benetton and Tourneau, and opened up a brand new toy store. They built a Santa's Village in the center Carousel area...as well as changed all the horses on the Carousel to reindeers. CUTE!

Aric, Ashlyn, and I stopped off at Red Robin for dinner. We spent the evening catching up on the past week. Aric noticed that Ashlyn changed a lot in the short amount of time. She "talks" a lot more. Sometimes yells out for emphasis. She's more playful, independent, and interactive. It's pretty cool.

Once home, I unpacked, dropped in a couple of loads of laundry, and vegged in front of the tube and watched "Will and Grace" and "ER". It's good to be back. Ashlyn spent most of the evening getting reacquainted with her toys. =)
I can't believe how hot it is compared to up North. The temperature in our bedroom is in the 80's! =O

Pictures from today:

me and Sis

Sis and Ivy

Ivy and Ashlyn at Katana-Ya Ramen

crazy-eyed Wing

center Carousel at South Coast Plaza

Santa's Village at South Coast Plaza

Aric and Ashlyn

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