The drive up to Northern Cal was long. Traffic was pretty bad in the LA area. Aric and I didn't make the dinner reservation with our friends. We barely had enough time to drop Ashlyn off at my parents' and freshen up before Wil and Tony picked us up. We caught a quick bite to eat and met everyone in Oakland.

Club Ibiza's pretty cool. I heard so much about it, but never had an opportunity to go. It's held at a Hotel that reminds me of Melrose Place. The party was both indoors and out...the hotel rooms all face a center pool area, that doubles as an outdoor dance area. You can go room-hopping, party with different people, and sample different types of music. The main club area is pretty impressive with private circular booths separated by curtains of metal beads. Aside from a regular bar, they also offered an H20 bar. *neat!* We started the evening off with our ritualistic shots of kamikazes and apple martinis...then danced in a circle (since our fellas prefer to chill at the bar). Later in the evening, random guys would come up and join our circle, but made a quick beeline outta there once they found out we were married. Hmmm, I wonder why? hehehehe =D
Despite the rain and cold that night, I had so much fun!!! I met new people, bumped into people from college, saw a bunch of old friends, and even chatted with an old boyfriend.

Some pictures from Club Ibiza:

me, Sarah, Ivy, Cin, Bett, and Wil

Our first shot

Bett and Steve gettin' fweeky

Our dance circle and Steve (..you fobber!)

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