Ashlyn and I got up late today. She must have been really tired from yesterday's activities because she didn't get up until 10:30am!...which is considered late nowadays. I got up half an hour earlier so I could jump in the shower and get ready. I woke up with a really painful stiff neck and back. It must be the bed...the bed in my parents' guest room could double as a pool table. NO JOKE! All you need are some pockets and rack 'em up!

As I was heading out of the house, I discovered that I didn't have a car to drive today. CRAP! I've been driving my mom's Caddie this week, but I forgot that my dad was taking it in for servicing. I called around, and Sis offered me my nieces' car. *whew!* One of the many benefits of having family live right across the street. =)
Christel and Amanda's car is a generous hand-me-down from my godfather....a 1988 Mitsubishi Diamante. Though the car is 14 years old, it has less mileage than my car and is really immaculate! I drove around boppin' to my nieces' CD (they're currently into Avril Levigne and Pink).

Ashlyn and I met Sonny for lunch at Myung Dong Tofu Cabin in Sunnyvale. I like this soondubu place because it's really clean. You never walk out smelling like Korean BBQ. hehehe
Lunch was great. I got a chance to talk more with Sonny this time. That guy's going to make such a great dad someday....just watching him feed and dote on Ashlyn. It's really sweet.
Ashlyn's learning to "share" these days. She takes great pleasure in handing things to people and getting a smile in return. She also enjoys feeding people. You don't know how many soggy Cheerios I had to eat from her slobbery hands. Anyhow, after Sonny fed her a pickled radish...she decided to take out the already-chomped-on-veggie and offer it to Sonny. I was pretty surprised and amused that he actually accepted and ate it! WOW! I know it made her sooooo happy! I mean, even her dad declines her "offerings". HAHAHAHA! We had a good time. THANKS, Sonny!...by the way, Ashlyn didn't get her "knock-knock" joke from him. I guess next time. =D

1484 Halford Avenue
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 246-1484

I picked Christel and Amanda up from school, and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with them.

Tonight Wil, Cin, and I went over to Ivy's for Girl's Nite dinner and to watch the finale of "The Bachelor". Poor Bett has been struck down with something awful and couldn't make it.
I haven't seen her at all this visit and I feel really bad about that. I even left Ashlyn at home with my parents so it would be like "old times" and I could fully enjoy the company of my closests gals. *bummer* Get well soon, Bett!
We had a not so healthy picnic of KFC in Ivy's living room. Mmmmmm...hot wings, coleslaw, mash potatoes and brown gravy, corn on the cob, fried apple pie...Mmmmmmm! =)

Up until last week, I was hoping that Aaron would pick Helene over Brooke...but now I'm not sure about that. This last episode made me quite fond of Brooke. She was a lot more comfortable and open when meeting with Aaron's parent's than Helene, and I think she sincerely cares and loves Aaron more than Helene. I started getting weepy at the end watching Brooke all broken-hearted and crying. *sniff*
I was disappointed with Helene's reaction to Aaron's proposal. To her, it seemed so casual...so whatevers. I wished she showed more emotion. *ugh* Oh well.
My friends and I found the whole "talking-while-kissing" thing really annoying. Apparently we weren't the only ones to notice. At the very end, when the ending credits rolled, they showed clips of all the different times she did that. HAHAHAHA! *shake head* Who the hell does that?!

*GROAN* My neck and back is killing me!...I NEED a Salonpas! hehehehe

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn and Sonny

Sonny giving Ashlyn a lift

Cin, me, and Ivy at KFC

Ivy setting up our dinner

Mmmmmm...hot wings!!!

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