Today was a busy day. Both Ashlyn and I had doctors appointments this morning. My poor baby got her first four shots today! *OWIE!* Aric's co-worker had warned me about how she cried when her son got his shots. I didn't cry, but it was very difficult seeing Ashlyn wince and scream in pain. I never seen that look on her face before, nor have I heard such a cry. It made me feel guilty. When she looked at me with her weepy eyes, I felt like I had betrayed her trust or something. But overall, Ashlyn's a trooper...she stopped crying after the last needle came out of her thigh. *exhale*
Afterwards, we headed up one floor to my OB/GYN. This was my first visit since having Ashlyn. My doctor said that I healed nicely, but wouldn't recommend that I get pregnant for another six months. *slam on brakes* WHAT?! Dude!...the thought never entered my mind! When Aric and I do decided on another baby, it'll be at least a couple of years. When I told my parents, they were so estatic! They think it's a great idea. Um.....no. I think it's Wil and Tony's turn next.
My parents and I had a nice long lunch at Elephant Bar before I dropped them off at LAX. Their visit was so short this time, but it's not too bad since I'll be seeing them in a few days.

I had a great weekend.

Wil, me, Mom & Dad

Tony's parents, Wil, and Tony

Aric, me, and Ashlyn

Saturday night, we had dinner with my parents, Tony's parents, Wil, and Tony in Monterey Park. My parents couldn't wait to come home with us, and give Ashlyn a bath. I don't know what it is with my family and girlfriends, but they all love to see Ashlyn in the buff. Next time, I'm charging admission! hehehe

Bath time

My mom loved the salon we went to last time, so on Sunday, she treated me to a pedicure before Mike and Yvonne's wedding. I had the nail polish match my skirt. =D

Notice how a good wedding always has a way of making you feel warm, fuzzy...and forgiving???
Prior to the wedding, I was mad at Aric, and he knew it (yes, at times we have our differences), and when I'm mad, I tend to keep our conversations to a minimum. But that proved to be a difficult task since other than family members, we didn't know too many people at the wedding. We only had each other, so I threw out a disclaimer:
Peg: "I'm still mad at you, but I'm using you for conversation."
Aric: "oh *pause* that's okay."
So the night wore on...smiling faces, love ballads playing in the background, dinging on champagne flutes, kisses, slideshow photos that made you go "awwww", and toasts & heartfelt speeches. All of those things made it so darn tough to stay mad and stubborn...it reminded me of things we promised one another early on, reconfirmed my love, and reinforced our bond. Afterall...we only have each other. So we ended the evening slow-dancing (with Ashlyn sandwiched in-between). Everyone had a great time at Mike and Yvonne's wedding (photo-journal posted).

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