HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to Mark-Anthony!

Have a great birthday! Be a good boy! I love you!

Ashlyn and I met with Sarah, Selina, and Ivy for a late lunch at Mimi's Cafe in San Mateo. Sarah, who's leaving tomorrow for HK, wanted to go over some wedding stuff. Of course we barely discussed wedding details and just had a great time. We walked over the Target Greatland afterwards to shop.

I made plans to meet with Kev again. He was gracious enough to meet me in San Mateo. While I was at Target, my cell rang:
Peg: "Hello?"
Kev: "Hello...I'm here in San Mateo."
Peg: "Where in San Mateo?"
Kev: "We're at Target."
Peg: *squeal* "So am I! Do you want to play a game?"
Kev: *silent*
Peg: "Come find me.."

Okay, if I didn't ruin his first impression of me before, I'm sure by now he was reconsidering meeting up with me. Luckily for me, he was game and even asked for a hint. HAHAHAHA! After meeting up, Sarah and Selina had to go...they had tickets to the Americal Idol concert...so we quickly hugged and said our goodbyes.

Ashlyn, Ivy, Kev, and Athena walked around Bridgepoint and had a refreshment at Starbucks. Since Kaimuki Grill was closed, we went to Hotaru's for dinner. I, then, introduced them to Q-Cup afterward...which Kev appetizingly compared boba to a disgusting loogey. Hmmmm, food for thought. =P I had such a great time getting to know the Mouji Boy and his lovely Athena. Ivy, who tagged along, had a great time too.
Thus far, the web-friends I've gotten a chance to meet in person have been so wonderful. I'm enjoying this new part of the web-thingy. *clapping* COOL!
Yeah, yeah...I'm such a dork! hehehehe

Ashlyn and I got home around 10pm or so...but we were both so butt-tired. I talked to Aric for a bit on the phone before retiring to bed. The weather has cooled down a lot. The room we're staying in gets pretty chilly at night. Ashlyn and I are currently using three comforters!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Pictures from today:

Kev and Athena at Hotaru

Ashlyn and the Mouji Boy himself!

Ashlyn hammin' it up

me, Ivy, Athena, Kev, and Ashlyn at Q-Cup

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