me and Lucille (March 2000)

Rich and Millie said that your birthday was on the 13th, but I always had it down for the 17th. Hmmmm??? Po-Tay-toe, Po-Tah-toe...who cares, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Girl!

It's starting to feel like Christmas! When I went to the mall yesterday, it was elaborately decorated, scented, and crowded with people who are beginning their holiday shopping. I'm not much of a mall person, but it seems to be the ultimate hang out for stay-at-home-mothers. I felt like I stumbled into a whole new world. First thing I noticed was, as long as you pushed a stroller, fellow stroller-pushers would smile and nod when passing. Second, if you make eye contact with a fellow stroller-pusher for longer than two seconds, they will automatically ask about your child. And lastly, if conversation exceeds longer than a couple minutes, they will begin to talk about THEIR child. Not to sound like a snob, but I'm not used to the mall being a place to socialize. For me, it's "get in, shop, and get out". My mother thinks it's a great place to burn off excess pregnancy weight. I suppose she has a point.

South Coast Plaza's Center Carousel and Santa's Village

Steph and Ashlyn

It was so good to see Steph again. More often than not, I take for granted the friendships built among coworkers...simply because it's at the workplace. And it's after I'm no longer working there, do I realize how much I miss seeing certain people day to day. Anyhow, Steph and I checked out some big sales at Ralph Lauren/Polo and Abercrombie & Fitch.

I came home with a big bag of clothes, and made Aric guess how much I paid for each article. I always do that...it's an obssesive game I play:
Peg: *squeal* "guess how much I got this for?!"
Unwilling participant: "uh..I dunno. $50?"
Peg: *grin* "Nope!...$20! How about this one?!"
Unwilling participant: "um..$30?"
Peg: *grin* "Nope!...$15! How about this one?!"
Unwilling participant: "$15?"
Peg: "$15?!...this is suede! I got it for $25. But it used to be $70!" *pout*

I no longer play this game with Bett because she always under-guesses, and that takes the fun out of bragging over a good purchase. Aric on the other hand, always humors me and over-guesses:
Peg: "guess how much I got this for?!"
Aric: "um..$80?"
Peg: *grin* "Nope!...$25! How about this one?!
Aric: "um..$100?"
Peg: "100?!...are you CRAZY?! I also got it for $25! But it used to be $50!"
Aric: "wow...good deal."
Peg: "yeah." *walk away happy*

Anyhow, Aric and I spent a quiet Friday evening at home. He had to study for school, and I watched TV. I caught IRON CHEF USA, and let me just say that the American networks know how to ruin a good show. Although I enjoyed watching the chefs transform Dungness Crab into twelve incredible dishes, I really could have done without the cheesy commentating and William Shatner's melodrama.

My folks are flying in today, and Wil and Tony offered to pick them up for me. Aric, Ashlyn, and I will be meeting up with them for dinner tonight, along with Tony's parents. Then we're bringing my parents home with us. YAY! =D

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