Today I had lunch with Cin, Wing, Wil, Tony, and my parents at 369. It was such a beautiful day! We had a nice lunch, followed by a trip to Q-Cup. Q-Cup added fresh made-to-order crepes to their menu. I tried their ice cream & banana crepe (minus the ice cream). It was delicious! =)

Cin and I went to Stonestown Mall in SF to pick up a gift. We picked Matty up from BART around 5:30pm. He just flew back from Vegas, and made it in time for dinner at Aaron's.

Aaron invited a small group of friends for a homecooked meal. AND when I say "homecooked", I'm talking the real deal! Aaron prepared Capresi salad and grilled artichokes for starters. For the main course, we dined on baked chicken breast with capers and fettuccine in a light parsley cream sauce. The fettuccine was fresh...Aaron rolled the dough, ran it through the press (like a million times), and churned it through the pasta maker. Fresh pasta is truly amazing!...after this, the regular "from the box" will never be as good. *tsk-tsk* For dessert, we had homemade cranberry biscotti served with homemade chocolate-chip ice cream. Everything was perfect! Aaron is such a wonderful cook. THANKS AGAIN!

Can I just tell you how boy-crazy my daughter is? Emerald's son, Andrew, who's a few weeks older than Ashlyn was there. He greeted Ashlyn with a delighted squeal, hug, and attempted kiss (they ended up head-butting one another). After that...game over...Ashlyn was chasing him the whole night! *sigh* Cute, but shameless.

We didn't stay at Aaron's very late, since homeboy needed to get his groove on at the Monkey Club. hehehe Wil, Tony, Ashlyn, and I left around 10:30 or so. In the course of the evening I had a Guiness Stout and three glasses of wine, so I pretty much fell asleep on the way home. =P

What a fun day!

Pictures from today:

me, Wil, Ashlyn, Mom, Dad, and Tony at Pacific Rim Plaza

Ashlyn and her grandparents

me, Cin, Wing, Tony, and Wil

Ashlyn and Andrew

crowded kitchen at Aaron's

Mayu displaying her mad skills. hehehehe

Ashlyn with Matty

yummy...grape juice!

Wil, Pam, Mayu, Emerald, Aaron, me, Cin, Ivy, and Ashlyn sitting down to dinner

Uncle Tony and baby

Wil, Mayu, and me

Matty and Cin

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