Pictures from Tim's Dinner

Aric, me, Ann, Phil, Jeff, Tim, and Cindy

The KTC crew

Aric, Ashlyn, and I at El Torrito's - Costa Mesa

Happy Friday! Last night, we had a great time seeing everyone at Tim's dinner. Unfortunately Tim's leaving this Sunday to return to Taiwan. After this year, he'll be relocating to Beijing, and it'll be another year before he returns to the US office for good. It seemed like everyone at dinner was either getting married or expecting babies. Before, I always wondered when the time will come where I, and the friends around me, would get to this stage in life. Every year I would reflect to see if we were any closer. Now...*bam!*...it seems like we're all there. Wow!
We had dinner at El Torrito's last night, and I found our waiter amusing. I don't consider us fobby by any means, but he couldn't understand us, and we couldn't understand him. When I ordered a beer (anything domestic), he replied with "Corona?...Tecate?...Pacifico?" Uh, yeah...maybe in his country. When he went over the dinner specials, he said the Hollywood was excellent. I looked on the menu, and then looked at Aric, and whispered, "he means the Halibut". I know, I know, I'm going straight to hell! =P

Tonight Wil and Tony are flying in for Mike and Yvonne's wedding. They won't be staying with us, since I'm sure Tony's parents are excited to spend some time with them...but it's comforting to know that they're less than an hour away. My parents will be flying in tomorrow. YAY! It looks like another fun and busy weekend.
As for today, I'm meeting up with Steph (an old friend and co-worker) for lunch. She, and her fiance, drove down for the weekend. I better get Ashlyn ready...that'll take a while! =)

Have a great weekend!

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