Hope your day is great and happy,
full of fun girls..uh, I mean, things to do! HAHAHA! kidding

HAPPY FRIDAY! Ashlyn and I spent the day with Sis. We went to visit her best friend, Peggy, at her photography studio. Peggy's husband took fun pics of Ashlyn and Sis, and printed them onto sticker paper (just like those cute machines). Sis kept pushing me to get my picture taken, but I wasn't in the mood...I felt ugly. I dunno what it is, but I hate looking in the mirror these days: my skin looks blotchy, my teeth look yellower, one eye is bigger than the other, my smile is crooked, and I noticed more wrinkles. *sigh* But I can't blame it on age since Sis is 8 years my senior and she looks kickass!

Anyways...we had lunch with Peggy, ran some errands, then picked up my nieces from school.
Dude!...I MUST be getting old because I commited the carnal sin of calling out to my nieces when we pulled up to the bus circle. I caught myself mid-outburst, but it was too late! A few dozen high schoolers shot glances over to me then to my nieces. I slowly sank down into my seat. Amanda and Christel quickly got into the car...their faces hot with embarassment. I sheepishly apologized, but at that moment I knew my "Cool Aunt" title was officially stripped from me. *BOO-HOO!* =(
I hung out at Sis' for a while. Sis' sister-in-law was over with her kids. It was fun watching the kids play. Ashlyn's learning how to play with other kids now. You can see by the way she follows the big kids and copies them. It's adorable!

Tonight I hung out with Wing, Cin, Wil, Tony, Sarah, and Parkin. We all met up at Valley Fair hoping to have dinner at CPK...but the wait was 2 hours long! We decided to eat at the food court. The mall was packed tonight. The food court was really crowded too! Of all the place to eat in the food court, Marisa and I ate at McDonalds. hehehe
I bumped into the president of my old company (and his wife). I ended up talking with them for nearly 20 minutes. When I finally re-joined my friends, they looked restless. Ooops, my bad! =P We walked around and shopped for a while, then decided to go bowling.
It's been ages since I last bowled. I normally suck at bowling, but tonight I bowled better than I ever did! SWEET! It must be because my arms are much stronger than before...all the lifting I did with Ashlyn finally paid off! HAHAHAHA We played boys against girls (with the fellas taking Marisa). Even though I did better, my score was not able to break into the 90's. Sad. Cin and Sarah rocked though. =D

Got home really late. I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Have a great weekend! =D

Pictures from today:

me, Sis, and Ashlyn at lunch

Ashlyn, Miko, Marisa, and Mark-Anthony playing

Marisa and Ashlyn at J.Crew


Wil showing Marisa how to bowl
(isn't that like "blind leading the blind"?) hehehe

Wil, me, Cin, Ashlyn, and Sarah

Ashlyn with Auntie Sarah and Uncle Parkin

Wil and Tony settin' up


me and the monster

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