Aaron, pictured with Wil

Wishing you a birthday full of fun, presents, hotties, and alcohol! On second thought, not TOO much alcohol! Remember last year?...when you had a bit too much and started calling everyone "bitch". You bad drunk. This was the only picture I could find of Aaron that didn't have a million people in it. Um, actually, I did find one picture of Aaron by himself, but it's a picture of him licking his birthday cake last year. Ivy ordered a cake that resembled the female torso...and for the special birthday boy, we served him the *ahem*...female genitalia. I get embarassed just looking at that picture! HAHAHAHAHA! Dirty dawg!
By the way, Aaron's single...just wanted to throw that out there. Ain't no shame in hooking a brother up. hehehe

I haven't been up to much the past couple of days...just stayed home. Aric had caught a cold over the weekend, so I'm taking every precaution to avoid getting Ashlyn or myself sick. Wednesdays are pretty long days for me because Aric has class and doesn't get home until close to 11pm. So friends usually come over to keep me company and play with Ashlyn on Wednesdays. Last night Ed and Sue came over with dessert, and we watched a movie. I had recently bought a hip-hop dance instructional video for my mom (yeah, she likes to stay hip), and I wanted to check it out. The guy teaches you routines from Britney, N*Sync, and Jordan Knight's videos. Since I have no shame, I tried following along...and to my delight, Sue joined in! I can honestly admit now that I'm getting old...it was hard keeping up with the video, and I felt like such a dork! But I got a good work out. Ed was hilarious...as he watched us, he would act as choreographer's assistant. Telling us what we were doing wrong and critique-ing us all the way through. Hey!..easier said than done.

Tonight a bunch of Aric's friends/co-workers are getting together for dinner. Tim, who has been relocated to the Taiwan office, is currently in town visiting. He, by the way, was the one who sent Ashlyn the Fisher-Price Sparkling Symphony Gym. *whew* Mystery solved.

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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