Wah!...another hot day! Ashlyn and I didn't do much...stayed home, played, and vegged. Yeah, tough life. hehehe

People think that just because I stay at home, all I do is watch TV. Not true. I have certain shows that I'm addicted to and write about, but aside from Ashlyn's morning PBS shows, the TV is off until 5pm.
When Ashlyn was an infant, I used to have the TV on all day for background noise. But now that she's older, she is completely fascinated with all the images and glues her nose to the screen (literally)! Evil has commented on Ashlyn's bad habit...and/or my inability to pry her away. But it's not for the lack of trying...my arms are slowly getting buff from repeatly carrying her away from the tube. =P hehehe

Since today was pretty quiet and I finished everything that had to be done, I flipped on the telly an hour early. "Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat" was on PBS. I've never seen it before, but instantly loved the "Mulan"-like animation. I was tickled by the name Sagwa (once I figured it out). Her brother's name is Dongwa (chinese for Wintermelon) and her sister's name is Shigwa (chinese for Watermelon). HAHAHAHAHA! Funny, huh? Okay, if you're not familiar with Mandarin, "Sagwa" means 'dumb melon' or 'idiot'...but meant in an endearing way. The cartoon was cute.

Tonight Emily came over to watch "The Bachelor". I ordered in...Oscar's Lemon Chicken, pasta, potato wedges, and Spinach Salad. It's been a while since I had Oscar's and it was YUMMAY! =)
Em and I talked while "Dawson's Creek" played in the background. No Doubt made an appearance...and that was the only thing that made the show worth watching. I used to be such a big "Dawson's" fan too...but now...it's just pitiful. A bunch of new characters to add drama in Dawson, Jen, Joey, Pacey, Audrey, and Jack's life that creates unsolid and chaotic storylines. It think it's time to retire "Dawson's Creek". Who's with me on this? hehehe

Tonight's "The Bachelor" was the one where the original 20+ contestants return to dish, whine, and cry about their experiences on the show. Some parts made me cringe with embarassment for certain weepy and catty ladies. Move on with your lives, girls...it's not the end of the world! Sheesh!
I can't wait until next week's finale!

After Emily went home, I watched the Jennifer Lopez interview on "Primetime Live" with Diane Sawyer. Good lawd!...J. Lo engaged again?! *shake head* Unbelievable!

Alrighty, I better go pack. I said I was going to last night, but got too lazy. Never fails...I ALWAYS wait until the last minute. *sigh*
Updates will resume when I get back. Try not to miss me too much. HAHAHAHA!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn playing in her playpen

Ashlyn admiring her own reflection

Ashlyn trying to do a somersault

Ashlyn and Emily

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