Rich and Millie just left. They have a long drive back to Davis. I had a very eventful and enjoyable weekend...and I went out quite a bit (despite the engorgement problem).
Saturday, I had lunch with Glenda at Macaroni Grill. We went to Babies R Us afterwards because I needed to buy Ashlyn something dressy for Mike and Yvonne's wedding, and Glenda needed to buy a baby shower gift. On Saturdays, certain vendors set up booths and offer their services. These vendors are usually pretty pricey, because they offer specialty items or own a boutique in Newport. I stopped off at the "Footprints 'N More" booth, and got an impression of Ashlyn's hands and feet. Hospitals no longer take footprints of your child, so I really wanted to capture the size of her tiny little hands and feet before they grow. Rich and Millie met me at Babies R Us, and helped me pick out a cute little outfit for Ashlyn. That night, Aric and I took Rich and Millie to the Spectrum to walk around. Rich has never eaten at The Cheesecake Factory so we thought we'd go there for dinner. You know how after the 9/11 Attack, people go out less?...well, that does NOT apply to the City of Irvine. The wait at Cheesecake was 90 minutes to 2 hours long! Good Lord!!! So we went elsewhere.

Sunday, we went to South Coast Plaza. That place was pretty crowded! Once again, the economy does not seem to be affected down here. Going out with Ashlyn is not just an outing...it's a huge production (just like her baths). You have to pack a million and one things just to go to the mall. You can't just jump on the escalators...you have to wait for the elevator (if you can find them). Instead of going down a few steps, you have to duck and dodge to get to the ramp. It was a bit inconvenient. But it's something I'll get used to, I'm sure. For dinner, we decided to give Cheesecake another go. The wait was only 45 minutes this time. Ed & Sue joined us. Rich shares my preference for dark beers...so this time I was not the only one kickin' back a Guinness. hehehe
Rich and Millie brought so much photography equipment down. They took tons of pictures of Ashlyn: sleeping, crying, feeding, getting a bath, staring off into space, etc. I can't wait to see them! Thank you! That pretty much sums up my weekend...photo-journals added. Check 'em out. I will always be thankful for having many wonderful friends. When I moved down here, they all said that they would visit. And so far, they've all been true to their word.

I'm starting to dread Wey's wake-up calls. Once again, he called to report the American Airlines plane crash in Queens, NY this morning. Another attack???...not sure yet. Time will only tell. Tonight, Ed and Sue are coming over, along with one of their friends. I need to clean house and do laundry. *ugh*

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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