Happy Friday! Today Ashlyn and I got out of the house. We met Aric for lunch, and ran errands. She got a lot of attention at her daddy's work...and got passed around like a hot potato. Afterwards, we dropped some stuff off to Ed, at his work, then headed home. To be away from home for more than four hours can become quite painful for a breastfeeding mother....can we say "engorgement"?! *owie* =(
I'm having problems expressing milk into a bottle. I hear stories from friends of their other friends who can pump endless bottles of milk for their babies. It allows them the freedom to go out and resume normal life. I am completely envious! Since I'm not the type who is comfortable breasfeeding in public, I can only venture out for a couple of hours at a time, unless I prepare formula. And even then, the whole engorgement thing is still a problem. *sigh* Enough about that.
Anyhow, Ed paid me the ultimate compliment today...he said, "Hey, you're looking like your old self again!" COOL! *pause* Oh wait, he said "old", huh? Hmmmmmm. *scratch head*

Wey came over for dinner. We haven't seen or hung out with him in ages. It felt like old times. Aric made a baked pasta dish..he begs to differ, but I thought it was delicious! =D

Tomorrow, Rich and Millie are coming! YAY! Wishing you a great weekend!

Ashlyn's pic of the day.
More often than not, Ashlyn gets mistaken for a little boy. It must be the lack of hair on her head. Both Aric and I were pretty bald babies. C'est la vie.

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