My family and friends keep emailing and calling me about how big Ashlyn looked in her 1-month picture. No need to trip. I think it's just the picture...it just makes her look like a big girl, but I assure you that she is still the same lil lemonhead. I do, however, notice her personality coming out a lot more now. Her facial expressions are also more animated, and she enjoys showing off new skills....such as bringing her hand to her mouth in a coordinated manner. I see a little bit of both me and Aric in her...for example, she often raises one eyebrow when I talk to her (she got that from her daddy), or she'll raise one lip up mimicking Billy Idol (she got that from me), she grunts a lot (her daddy), and she always chokes during feedings (me). hehehehe

I haven't been up to much lately...some laundry, but mostly reading. Eleanor bought me this book...it's as big as an encyclopedia, on child health and rearing. I'm fascinated. Besides, TV is beginning to suck. Last night, I flipped between the WB and The Country Music Awards....I don't enjoy Dawson's Creek or Felicity anymore. I'm not good with new casts. I stopped watching 90210 and Saved by the Bell when they started going to college. I'm not good with change. Yeah, I like plain vanilla...so what?! =P
I finally settled on Temptation Island 2. I never even seen the first one. But yeah, it's trash reality television. Nevertheless, I found myself watching, with a smirk on my face the entire time. Why two loving couples would go on that show is beyond me. If you have doubts about your relationship, that would definitely NOT be a way to sort and resolve them. Even considering going on the show, you might as well kiss your relationship goodbye and spare yourself the humiliation. It's like getting a call to go on the Jerry Springer Show...you know nothing good is going to come of that.

Tonight, we're having a little birthday gathering for Aric's dad at our house. Tomorrow, I'll be cleaning up and preparing for Rich and Millie's visit! Ashlyn's looking forward to getting her portrait taken. Rich and Millie take the best pictures!!! Check out some of their work on ShowandClick.com.

Ashlyn's pic of the day
Look at her squinty eyes and her mack-daddy pose

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