Today was a nice quiet day. Didn't do much except for bake a couple of pumpkin pies and six pumpkin tarts from scratch. I had two uncarved pumpkins leftover from Halloween and wanted to try my hand at home-made pies. I think they turned out okay. I haven't tried one yet because baking all day kinda killed my appetite, but I'll try one tomorrow. Aric and his classmate, Allen, said that they were really good....better than store-bought.
Aw yeah...move over Betty Crocker! hehehehe

Aric's classmate, Allen came over to study again tonight. He graciously brought take-out from Sam Woo for dinner. I don't know if Allen's just kissing up to me, but he thinks my pies are good enough to sell. *pondering* Yeah, he's kissing up. HAHAHAHAHA
Seriously though, if I didn't have a baby to take care of, baking would be such a kickass job! I really enjoyed it, not to mention the whole house smelled sweet of pumpkin spice. *Mmmmm!* =D

Tonight's "Smallville" was a good one. It opened a couple of exciting doors for future episodes. Watching "Smallville" makes me feel like such a giddy young schoolgirl...I am so crushing on Clark! And Lex's tiny scar above his lip is pretty damn sexy too! *fan self*

Okay, so it's Election Day. I'm ashamed to say we didn't vote. I was unprepared this year and didn't study up on all the different Propositions and Measures. The only one I'm familiar with (that victoriously passed ) was Prop 49..initiated by movie/action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's embarassing that I only know of it because of it's celebrity factor. Now if all of Hollywood can support an initiative, I'd be more politically active. =P hehehe

Alrighty, it's late...better go to bed and nurse myself back to health.

me and Ashlyn

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