The house is oddly quiet with my parents and Cin gone. Aric's cousin, Eleanor and her son, William, came to visit today. For being only 4 years old, William is incredibly cute, highly intelligent, and impressively articulate!
Aside from that, Ashlyn and I spent the day napping.

William holding Ashlyn

I had a great weekend! On Friday night, Ed and Sue came over, and my parents cooked up a huge feast. After Cin arrived, we left Ashlyn with the grandparents and Aric, Cin, Ed, Sue, and I went out for drinks and dessert. We went to the Yardhouse, but that place was too noisy and crowded. That place is such a meat market...a single person's paradise! After being seated and getting no kind of service, we decided to blow the joint and head over to Cheesecake Factory. Not to sound like an alcoholic, but I've been dying to have drink since Ashlyn was born. I had a glass of Merlot, and to my embarassment and disappointment, everyone else ordered iced tea. Drinking by myself made me feel like such a lush.... I might as well have sat on a curb with a 40 wrapped in a brown paper bag. =P
Saturday, Cin and I dropped my parents off at the airport, picked up a couple of DVDs, and headed home. We had a nice leisurely lunch on the patio, gossiped, and watched movies. Since Aric was gone all day at school, we rented some chick-flicks-"Bridget Jones's Diary" and "Here on Earth". I really liked both. Renee Zellweger's character, Bridget, reminds me of Ally, from "Ally McBeal"...always putting her foot in her mouth and completely humiliating herself. The Brits are naughty folks. "Here on Earth" was not a stellar movie, but both Cin and I adore Chris Klein, and I've become partial to Josh Hartnett since seeing him in "Pearl Harbor". *hubba-hubba* Saturday night, we went out for Korean BBQ with Ed and Sue. We happened to bump into Aric's fraternity brother and some college friends there. I think they were surprised to see the baby. It's still news to some of our friends.
Sunday, Cin and I lounged in our pjs and watched a Britney Spears Marathon on MTV. I normally don't watch MTV, but that's what we were glued to all day yesterday. I got caught up on my Real World NY. hehehe

Well, like I said...today was pretty laid back. I miss my folks and Cin. *sniff*

Ashlyn's pic of the day.

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