I'm an idiot. I made three different lunch plans for today...plans with Liz, my brother-in-law, Patrick, and my old coworker (who's in town for a wedding). I really need to write these things down in my calendar or Palm instead of trying to remember them. But then again, I rarely look at my calendar or Palm. =/
I felt awful when I had to cancel lunch with Liz. I really wanted to see her! Patrick was willing to go have lunch with me and my old coworker...but my old coworker flaked on me and never called. I kinda figured he would. Damn, you, Slakey! *squint eyes*
I guess it all worked out fine in the end.

Ashlyn and I met Patrick at BD's Mongolian BBQ in The Marketplace. I've never been there before, but it's like your average mongolian bbq house: you pick your meats, your veggies, your sauces, and they stir-fry it on this huge round surface right in front of you. This particular place kinda threw me off with it's Southwestern decor. I felt like I was at Chili's or something. They also serve rice, fresh tortillas, and an array of ass-kickin' hot sauces with your meal. It was far from being "Mongolian"....I mean, we were seriously the only asians in the entire restaurant. Nevertheless, lunch was good.

It was nice catching up with Patrick. He's been incredibly busy with work and his documentary, Flight from Death-The Quest for Immortality (which got a standing ovation at the Seattle sneek preview). He's still editing the rough cut, but I can't wait to see the finished product! The next screening will be on November 23rd, at Soho Salon in NYC! So to all my East Coast friends, please check it out! =D

I think my brother-in-law and I have a nice relationship. He's open, caring, and makes an effort towards building stronger family ties. He and Aric are not particularly close. They're completely different people with different interests and views. Most of the time I find it weird that conversation never goes beyond delegation of responsibilities or relaying messages from a family member. I guess in a way, forming a close relationship with me and Ashlyn is a way for Patrick to be closer to Aric.
Growing up with my sisters, I just assumed ALL siblings were close (regardless of the childhood fights). It blew my mind discovering that some siblings grow up to be complete strangers to one another. Both Aric and Patrick are super shy/quiet guys...so when we're all together, the silence can be deafening. I find it pretty uncomfortable so I end up doing ALL the talking. *nervous giggle* hehehehe

I found out that my father-in-law is not feeling well. Tonight after dinner, Aric went to see him at the hospital. Ashlyn and I stayed home since I'm sick and Ashlyn's not permitted into the hospital wards. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Spent the evening watching the re-make of Stephen King's "Carrie". The actress who plays Carrie has some crazy eyes. Having seen the original movie, I wasn't too scared watching it. I just didn't like the blood-soaked scene at Prom. The ending was different than the original, and leads me to believe that a sequel or maybe a TV series can come of it. *shrug* We'll see.

Still sick and getting tired. G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

Patrick at lunch

Ashlyn at lunch

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