YEP! I caught Ashlyn's cold! My nose won't stop running, my throat is sore , my head is congested, and my ears are plugged. I didn't feel like getting out of bed this morning, but I had to really force myself....especially when Ashlyn had both hands on her crib rail and was rattling the darn thing like a crazed prisoner!

Aric and Allen had stayed up REALLY late last night studying for their midterm. And though Aric got only three hours of sleep, he had a lot of energy when he returned home from school. I made us lunch then we ran some errands, went shopping at South Coast Plaza, and went grocery shopping.

Joyce and Jamie are in town this weekend. They came over around 7:30pm and we had a late dinner at Maki Maki (at Irvine Spectrum). It was Aric's first time seeing the new section of the Spectrum and he was quite impressed. On the weekends, The Spectrum is packed with people!..it's always really fun and lively.

As we waited for a table at Maki Maki, we sat outdoors and listened to the vocal stylings of Brooke Ramel. I didn't know who she was...just thought that she was a very good street performer. But actually, she's quite an accomplished artist...a song from her most recent album is featured in the movie, "White Oleander" (which I really want to see). COOL!
Dinner was very good. Joyce and Jamie seemed to really enjoy it...which makes me really happy. Afterall, my goal is to make sure my friends have so much fun, it makes them want to move here permanently. HAHAHAHA Yeah, I have alterior motives...so what?! *evil grin*

We spent the rest of the evening walking off our food. I didn't realize how late it was until I realized all the stores were closing. By 11pm, Ashlyn had passed out in her stroller and we headed home. Walking around in the chilly air made my cold worse...I was so congested and sick, I could barely recognize the sound of my own voice. We stayed up a bit to chat and watch TV. *YAWN!* I'm pooped! G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn on a rocking pony at Pottery Barn Kids

rocking dog

Jamie, Joyce, and Ashlyn

me, Aric, and Ashlyn at The Spectrum

Jamie and Joyce

me and Joyce

me, Ashlyn, and Aric at Maki Maki

Jamie and Joyce's goofy faces

the Big Wheel at The Spectrum

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