Last night we had a total of ten trick-o-treaters. That's more than I had expected. I gave each kid a handful of candy. It made me feel warm and fuzzy seeing their cute eyes and smiles turn wide...followed by a gleeful "thank youuuuu!" Most of my neighbors do not have children. They're young, married, and busy power-walking their dogs or washing their Audis on the weekends. My parents and I managed to watch all four DVD rentals -"Traffic", "Swordfish", "Spy Kids", and "Angel Eyes". Crazy, huh?

I can't believe it's November already! Every weekend this month is "booked"...Cin is visiting this weekend, Rich & Millie are visiting next weekend, my parents are coming back down again the following weekend, and Aric, Ashlyn, and I will be heading up to Northern Cal for Thanksgiving weekend. *gasp!*...then before you know it, it'll be December! I better get started on my Christmas shopping. My friend, Steph, just emailed me yesterday about 'thoughtful/creative' (inexpensive) gift ideas for this holiday season. Yeah, I have to agree, both Aric and I tend to go overboard with our friends. Perhaps we should be more prudent this year. Any suggestions?

Today I spent another fun and relaxing day with my parents. It's going to be really really really hard to see them leave. =( However, I'm totally looking forward to seeing Cin tomorrow night! It's a shame Matty won't be able to join us. *bummer*

Tonight, Glenda's coming over for dinner and to watch FRIENDS and ER.

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