(Anne and Paul, Oct. 2002)
May you have a "boo"-tiful day with more treats than tricks! Big hugs!

For the first time this week, I was able to get a good night's sleep...Ashlyn surprised us by sleeping through the night. I didn't have to comfort her at 3am and I didn't have to share my side of the bed with her. Oh yeah! Both she and I woke up all happy this morning. =D

I dressed Ashlyn up in her second Halloween costume, and got some stuff done around the house before heading out.
I had lunch with Grace. She made us a yummy pasta with chicken and asparagus dish at her place. Grace and I had planned to take the kids trick o' treating at the mall...we went to Irvine Spectrum (South Coast Plaza didn't participate in trick o' treating).
I've never trick o' treated at the mall before...only heard about it through my cousin, Stella. Many parents and kids (of all ages) were there. It was a lot of fun seeing all the cute and original costumes. Lauren looked super adorable in her fuzzy green monster costume...as did Baby Taylor in her chick costume! I have to say that I really enjoyed it...it's such a clever idea, the adults get to shop while the lil' ones collect loot. hehehe
Every store and kiosk at The Spectrum handed out generous handfuls of candy. Ashlyn got more candy than she'll ever need! We left as soon as it got dark...since Lauren, Ashlyn, and Taylor are battling the same cold and we didn't want to keep them out too long. The weather has turned chilly and the smell of Christmas is in the air. We all had a great time today, and Grace and I agreed to do it again next year. =D

On a side note, I finally bought the sleek Kate Spade diaper-bag I've been eyeing for a while now. I know, I know...it's so excessive, but I got an incredible deal on it. Now I no longer have to lug around the bulky "looks-like-I'm-going-camping" diaper-bag. =) Oh, and I also bumped into an old friend from home there. COOL!

I got home in time to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. The rest of the evening was spent watching the Thursday night line-up and answering the door. We didn't get as many trick o' treaters as last year, and now I'm stuck with all this candy!
Ashlyn had an exciting day and crashed out earlier than usual. It allows for me and Aric to spend some quality time and watch "Sum of All Fears" in peace. =)

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Nitey Nite, folks!

Pictures from today:

"Along came a spider.."

Lauren and Ashlyn

Baby Taylor

Ashlyn playing with Taylor

happy friends

three lil' ones in the backseat

at the Irvine Spectrum

Grace, Taylor, and Lauren

the pumpkins we carved last night: mine (left) and Aric's (right)

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