Ashlyn's been so cranky these day. Whimpers or cries throughout the day for no reason. It must be her teething, but I'm not sure. She so unusually moody, and anything can set her off. She hasn't been able to sleep through the night this week so it's been a bit miserable and exhausting for me and Aric. Since Ashlyn was such a easy baby, I'm finally getting a taste of what most parents go through with colicky babies. Anyhow, I think she's also coming down with something...her nose runs like the Niagara Falls!

Ashlyn and I spent the the day with Wing. We had a big lunch at ClaimJumper's (since he's never been there), then we took Ashlyn to Johnson Brother's Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins. The pumpkin patch was big...with lots of stuff to play with. They had a haunted house, pony-rides, tee-pees, face-painting, jump-houses, a petting/feeding zoo, punching bags, and a bunch of those coin-operated rides. Because Ashlyn's in this weird funk, she didn't seem all that amused. I picked up four pumpkins and Wing got one for Emily. Awwwww!

After we got back home, Ashlyn went down for a long nap and Wing worked on his pumpkin. I felt like carving my pumpkins, too, but wanted to wait till Aric got home so we could do them together. Today was the last day of Wing's visit.*BOO-HOO!* I was so sad to see him go. Emily picked him up around 4:30pm and took him to the airport. "Come back...come back...come back...come baaaaaack..." (trails off like Kate Winslet in "Titanic"). =(

The rest of the evening was quiet. Aric had school....so it was just me and the munchkin. It was a bit spooky because of all the Halloween-themed shows and movies on TV. I skipped "Dawson's Creek" because the show sucks now. Nothing good was on unless you were in the mood for "Nightmare on Elm Street", "The Shining", and other old horror flicks. Seeing the commercial trailer for "The Ring" is enough for me (they show that one A LOT!) The image of that freaky girl...barefoot in white pajamas with the long hair that covers her face gives me the creeps!!! *shivers* Instead, I popped in "I Am Sam" DVD, and watched that till "The Bachelor" came on.
I haven't followed "The Bachelor" from the very beginning, but Aaron (the bachelor) is really starting to grow on me. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. I don't like that he holds and kisses every (remaining) girl, but it's apparent that he's gives his undivided attention to each one in hopes of finding the right girl. Of the three remaining, I think Helene is a good candidate. She's pretty, sharp, and a little nonchalant....which he finds challenging. I always happen to miss Gwen anytime she's on the show, so I don't have anything to say about her. Brooke is cute, but that girl looks like she's near tears at every rose-ceremony. You know that girl will go loco if Aaron doesn't pick her. =/

Aric got home from school around 10:30pm. After we put Ashlyn down to bed, and we started carving our pumpkins. We used patterns from a book. It took us nearly two and a half hours to complete....but they look pretty good. =D But damn, I'm tired! G'nite!

Pictures from today:

Wing at Claim Jumper's

me and Ashlyn at lunch

Pumpkin Patch

Ashlyn trippin' over the huge pumpkin

me and Ashlyn

Wing and his new friend

Ashlyn's "scared" face at the petting zoo

leaving the pumpkin patch

look at my pumpkins! =D

Wing and his pumpkin

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