Oli and Ivy (Oct 2000)

Ivy and Aaron threw a surprise party for Oli tonight. A small and intimate gathering of his closest and dearest friends...ALL 50+ of them! If you've had the pleasure of knowing Oli, you'll know that he is one of the nicest guys on Earth. I wish I could be there to help celebrate his big 3-O, but I'm sure Ivy, Aaron, and the posse made it especially memorable for him!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brian! I don't have his picture, but he's a cutie too! Homeboy was in the Russell Wong/Watermelon Scene in "Joy Luck Club" (widescreen version). Wow, what a coincidence...Ivy went out with him, too! Hmmmmm.....

My parents flew in this afternoon. We had lunch with our relatives from SD. It was nice to eat out for a change. Other than her doctor's appointment and a quick trip to buy diapers, I was a bit worried that Ashlyn would become fussy at the restaurant...but she slept the whole time. Everyone came back to the house to chat and play with Ashlyn.
Aric missed out on all the fun. Poor guy spent the whole day getting two fillings. He drove up to USC so his friend could use him as a test-patient. Even though we have great dental insurance, it was a pretty cool deal...free dental work and the dental students will PAY you for your time. Aric did it as a favor for Bernie, but in actuality, Bernie did ME a favor...I've been bugging Aric to see a dentist for the longest time. Hmmmmm, now all I need is a doctor friend who's giving free physicals. HAHAHAHA
After Aric got back, we took my mom to the chinese market to do some grocery shopping. WOO-HOO!...went out twice in one day! *fan self* I better settle down. hehehe

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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