Today was a nice day. Thankfully the weather was much warmer and sunnier than yesterday.
Grace invited me to a Harvest Festival/Carnival held at her church. The kids (and some adults, too) dressed up in Halloween costumes...and the afternoon was filled with tons of food, candy, games, contests, and fun. Aric joined us after he got out of class. =)

The church rented an inflatable jump-house and slide, and an impressive rock-climbing thingamajigger. Ashlyn recognized the jumpy right away and kept pointing to it. Aric took her over and she excitedly wanted in. Aric was pretty hesitant to put Ashlyn in with all the big kids jumping around, but I thought it was okay. hehehehe Sure enough, the minute I put her in, all the big kids came out. It allowed some of the younger kids/toddlers to climb in and bounce around. Ashlyn had a good time.

We hung around the festival for a couple of hours then left to grab a late lunch. The hot-dogs and chips just weren't satisfying. =P
James, Grace, Lauren, Taylor, Aric, Ashlyn, and I had a nice long lunch at BJ's. Afterwards, our families went our separate ways. Aric, Ashlyn, and I hit up Babies R Us, Toys R US, the supermarket, and Blockbusters before heading home.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in front of the tube. Aric and I watched a bunch of movies on DVD: "Enemy of the State", "Mr. Deeds", and Chow Yun-Fat's "The Killer". Ashlyn played with her new toys till she became deliriously tired....and after putting up much of a fight, she finally went down to bed around 11pm. *sigh*

Daylight savings ends tonight. Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour! =) G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

my cute lil' kitty-cat! *meow!*

the jump-house, slide, and rock climbing structure at Newsong's Harvest Festival

Aric and Ed (dressed as Fat Bastard). hehehehe

Baby Taylor in her lil' chick costume. =D

Minji, Lauren, and Ashlyn

Nathan, Yenna, Minji, Lauren, Ashlyn, and Ethan

Aric and Ashlyn

Ashlyn in the jumpy

Aric, me, and Ashlyn

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