HAPPY FRIDAY! My fever finally broke, and I'm back to my old self again. I've been cleaning the house in preparation for my parent's visit. They're flying in this weekend and staying for a whole week. It's been a little over a month since I last saw them, so I'm really looking forward to it. I know, I sound like such a mama's girl. But that's what I am. *pause* Of course, it wasn't always the case in college. Looking back at those days, I was such a bad daughter. =/ The sentence I heard coming out of my mom's mouth most often was, "you treat this house like a hotel!" Oh, and my favorite line from my dad was, "you should be an operator, because you're ALWAYS on the phone!" hehehe I clearly remember two summers where I was rarely home. Summer of '92, when Wil and I hung out with Susan, Andy, Frank, and Eric. Then, Summer of '95 when Wil, Ivy, Bett, and I (along with Matt, Erik, and Ron) wreaked havoc all over place. I even got scolded by Ivy's Dad that summer. You know you're bad when you get busted by someone else's parent. *blush* After getting all that out of my system...I resumed my mama's girl status. =) My friends always shake a disapproving finger at me and say, "You better wish your daughter doesn't turn out like you!" Yeah...GAWD, I hope not...otherwise I'll be hating life!
Anyhow, I know my parents are really excited to finally see their new granddaughter.

Glenda came over to hang out today. We talked and talked for hours about relationships. I love the stories my single girlfriends share, especially Bett...I can live vicariously through them! =D
Glenda and I were talking about past boyfriends, and how we tend to treat the nicest ones the worst. It's so true....though it wasn't intentional, I was always pushing the envelope and testing the boundaries. I have one ex who I can't think about without feeling heartache and immeasurable shame. I've thought of writing "EH", to let him know how sorry I am...but, after ALL these years, it might seem strange. Or he might think I'm strange. Wil, who stayed in touch with him, reassured me that it wasn't necessary....she said he changed. For good or bad?.. I'm not sure, but I feel somewhat responsible. Hmmmmm...Sour.
Enough about that.

As every night, Aric and I are going to spend a quiet evening with Ashlyn in front of the tube. She's a bit cranky today. Ed and Sue are supposed to stop by and pick up a Halloween costume later.

Special thanks to Tricia, for the Sleepy Time Bear giftset!
Have a great weekend!

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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