I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately....fatigue, body aches & pains, fever, etc.. So I've spent most of this week napping whenever Ashlyn naps....which is what I should have been doing, but I think the past couple of weeks, I've been on a total adrenaline rush and it was hard to get me to nap at all. We're still getting a lot of visitors at the house though...not that I mind. Last weekend, my relatives from San Diego came to visit. They bought Ashlyn lots of clothes. And as all practical chinese relatives do, they bought clothes that were much bigger, so the life of the outfits would last longer. But these clothes were for 24-month olds! They looked HUGE!!! I got real sad thinking that Ashlyn will get that big someday. =( Sometimes I'd wish Ashlyn could stay small forever, but I have to be careful what I wish for...not too long ago, I read an article about an 8 year old baby who never grew past the stage of a 6 month old! It's really sad because she's plagued with a million health problems...not to mention her mental capacity will never go beyond a six month old. To me, that defies the nature of life and it's purpose. This poor baby is the only known human being to have this disease. Crazy, huh?

Tonight we ran errands at Babys "R" Us. I'm sure the only thing Aric wanted to do after a long day's work is to relax at home, but I was so pitifully excited to get out of the house. The simple freedom to go out and buy diapers felt so exhilarating! Yes..pitiful. We ended up buying Ashlyn a ton of stuff...mostly clothes. We got many adorable outfits from our baby showers, but only a few are diaper-changing-friendly. Ashlyn gets extremely pissy when you have to strip her down just to change or check her diaper. So we got her some clothes that have buttons along the legs, and pajamas that looks like a long shirt, and is semi-sealed at the bottom with an elastic band. Ashlyn looks like Sweet Pea in them. =) So a word of advice to soon-to-be mothers: Buy clothes with buttons along the legs!

Ashlyn's still getting cool stuff in the mail...almost on a daily basis. *spoiled!* I want to THANK Wing for the beautiful flower arrangement and frame, and Levi for the Pooh Bear.

pic of the day
Pooh's head is bigger than hers!

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