Today was another cold and gloomy day. Despite the weather, I wanted to take Wing to check out Irvine Spectrum. We met with Emily for lunch at the food court....thinking that it would be quicker than a sit-down place. Boy, were we wrong! After standing in line, ordering, and picking up food, Emily only had 10 minutes to eat before heading back to work.
Wing and I walked around afterwards. The newly extended section of the Spectrum opened up, and there are a lot of nice shops and even MORE restaurants to choose from! =)

As Wing stopped off at a cellphone accessories kiosk, I got Ashlyn's ears pierced! Aric and I weren't planning on piercing her ears until she was much older, but the girl at the jewelery kiosk was really pushing for a sale....saying that this age is the perfect time for piercing (because they won't remember the pain, etc...etc..). I thought about it and decided to go for it. When Wing caught up with us, he was really hesitant about the whole thing:
Wing: "Are you sure you want to do this?"
Peg: *bite lip* "Yeah, why not?"
Wing: "Don't you want to call and ask Aric first?"
Peg: "Why do I need to call Aric?...I'm the Mom."
Yeah, a real impulsive Mom. HAHAHAHA!

I was really picky about exactly where she was going to pierce. I didn't want it too high or too low....I wanted it to be perfectly in the center of Ashlyn's earlobes. I made the girl re-mark the spot several times before I grabbed the marker and did it myself. Wing had to hold Ashlyn in his lap while I kept Ashlyn's head still. After we pierced the right ear, she started crying. She struggled a bit with the left ear but when it was all over, she was all good. She looks really cute with pierced ears. Hopefully she'll no longer be mistaken for a boy. =P

On our way home, I dropped off some things for Grace. It was nice to see her, Lauren, and Baby Taylor. I missed them. Baby Taylor is getting big...she's growing out of that newborn phase of just eating and sleeping. She was so playful and alert...smiling, cooing, and gurgling. She's sooooo CUTE!
As Grace and I were talking, Ashlyn walked over to Baby Taylor, leaned over, plucked Taylor's binky out of her mouth and popped it into her own mouth!!! *GASP!* After that, we were outta there!...it was nearing Ashlyn's nap-time and she kept going for Taylor's binky. *sigh*shake head*

Once home, Ashlyn was knocked-out. Wing and I each stretched out on a couch and watched "Spiderman" on DVD. I managed to get in a short nap. =)
Once Aric got home, he noticed Ashlyn's earrings right away...much to my relief, he thinks they're cute too. *wipe brow* hehehe

Tonight Wing, Emily, Aric, and I cooked dinner. We had grilled porkchops, salt/pepper chicken wings, mabo tofu, zuccini and squash, and beef ball soup with dumplings. It was yummy!
We hung out and watched "Jamie Kennedy Experiment", "Off Centre", and "Law & Order: CI".

Can't believe it's already Thursday! Wow, this week went by fast. I'm enjoying having Wing here...he makes my days fun. =D

Pictures from today:

Wing and Emily

me and Emily


getting ready to pierce the ears


Wing and Ashlyn at The Spectrum

Ashlyn and Lauren

Wing, Ashlyn, and Emily

group hug

me, Aric, and Ashlyn

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