Today was another relaxing day. I spent most of the morning and noon backloading and posting all the journals from my trip up North. YAY!...finished! I really owe it all to Wing, who helped me watch Ashlyn for a couple of hours. THANKS, Dude! =D
Ashlyn was a bit of a handful though and injured herself under his care....whacked her forehead against the edge of Aric's desk while Wing held her. He felt really really bad. I could see it on his face. The rest of the day she sported a bump and bruise smack-dab in the middle of her forehead. It faded by late evening. On a brighter note, she looked really spiffy wearing a new outfit her Uncle Tony picked out for her. He calls it the "Bell Biv Devoe outfit". HAHAHA Yeah, she does look...uh, urban in it. All she needs is a gold chain with a Mercedes emblem hanging from it. Poison! =D

Wing, Ashlyn, and I had lunch at CPK at The Marketplace. We walked around the fountain area and let Ashlyn run around. By late afternoon, she was so tired and took a long nap. Wing left to have dinner with Emily and her friends. I was invited to go, but decided against it since Ashlyn's been moody (due to teething).

OH GUESS WHAT?! I could have gone to a live taping of "Will & Grace" tonight, but didn't open the email until AFTER the guest-pass deadline time. DAMMIT! That would have been so awesome! I hope I get another invitation. *cross fingers!*

Aric had school tonight, so I spent the evening at home with the baby watching "Dawson's Creek" (which is so different and uninteresting now), "The Bachelor", and "Law and Order".

Aric got back by 10:30pm and brought home two huge boxes of mail that Ann collected for us. While I sorted through it all, Wing and Emily came over. We hung around, watched the news, and popped in our wedding video for Emily and Wing. It was weird watching it...it felt like eons ago.

Ashlyn went to bed later than usual. I think she's feeling a lot of discomfort because she cries for no reason. I feel so helpless since nothing I do seems to help. =T

Wing's watching "Austin Power's Goldmember" on DVD right now. I think I'll go join him. G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn lookin' fly in her new duds


*dancing dancing*

goofy smile

a hug from mom

me and Ashlyn

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