Hey Miss Thang! Have a wonderful birthday! You deserve it!

Today was relaxing. Wing and I had lunch at A&J's , then walked over to Tapioca Express. We sat around and talked on the sofa for a bit then came home. Aric got all sorts of new DVDs from China...one of them being the first two episodes of "Smallville" (made into a movie). It was pretty cool. Since Wing's never seen "Smallville" I made him watch it...but ten minutes into it, I looked over and homeboy fell asleep! *huff* I watched it and tended to some stuff around the house.

The weather is so gloomy and cold. My ankle is still killing me. It acts up every now and then. I would put ice on it, but I forgot that we disconnected the water filter to the fridge....NO ICE! Oh well. Wing left to go work out and have dinner with Emily. Aric worked late and didn't get home until after 7pm. Ashlyn took a long nap which allowed me to work on the webpage.

I really hate backloading. It takes forever...and now that I'm used to sleeping early, I can't get myself to stay up late working on it. But soon...it'll be up soon.

Ashlyn's been really clingy with Aric since he's been back. I guess she really missed him. It's nice to see she didn't forget who he was. hehehe She's teething bad now. Her two lower incisors have broken skin and her top left tooth just broke through. Wow!...she'll finally have teeth in no time! =D

I spent the evening watching The WB. I felt strangely out of it watching "Smallville" tonight. Because I missed last week's episode, I don't know what's going on between Clark and Lana. There was awkward chemistry between them AND I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL! =(

Pictures from today:

me and Ashlyn

Wing and Ashlyn at Tapioca Express

Wing planting a big wet one on Ashlyn

Mmmm..yogurt color icy!

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