Aric, Ashlyn, and I got up real early this morning, packed up the car, picked up Wing, and started our road trip home. The drive wasn't too bad. We made it back in five and a half hours (with a half hour stop for lunch). Ashlyn and I took lots of little naps during the ride.

After we got home, we unloaded the car and just lounged around for a bit. I watered my poor shriveled plants and started to unpack. Emily came over after work and we all grabbed dinner at Kaju Soft Tofu and Tapioca Express. Aric and I restocked our empty fridge with groceries from Ranch 99...two weeks of being away IS a rather long time. =/
A GREAT BIG INDEBTED THANK YOU to our friends who helped watch our house and pick up our mail while we were away! THANKS!...really!!! =D It's nice to be back.

Alrighty, I'm gonna keep this short since it's late and I still have much to do. I finally got the broken picture links working (for Oct. 8-11th journals). Plus I've added a couple more journal entries. My laptop proved to be quite useless on my trip this time. Yeah, I still have the rest of last week to backload, and I promise to get that up soon. G'Nite!

Unexciting pictures from today:

my view from the back seat....the back of Wing's head

Aric driving

miles and miles of this

a picture of Ashlyn's reflection in a kiddie mirror

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