CONGRATULATIONS to Harvey & Jeanette!

I was supposed to meet with Kev for lunch today but plans got kind of messed up. I left an apologetic message on their celly (in a friendly "sorry-I'm-a-flake" voice)...and hoped that I didn't ruin their first impression of me. =/ I was really disappointed...but Kev, if you're reading this, I'll make it up to you guys.

This morning my family and I had brunch at Dynasty Seafood in San Jose for dim sum. Unfortunately today is the 15th of the lunar calendar...which means "NO MEAT"! It was torture watching everyone else eat shrimp sui mai, chicken feet, and other meaty delights. My sisters, mom, and I stuck with our leafy greens, plain white buns, and vegetarian rolls. *sigh* Cin and Matty who spent the night at Wil and Tony's joined us. Cin would occasionally look over at me and mouth the words, "it's not that good" as she sank her teeth into a shrimp dumpling. Thanks, girl! =)

The rest of the afternoon was spent packing and consolidating all of Ashlyn's stuff...clothes, toys, books, etc...before Harvey's wedding. I really don't know how we're going to lug all this stuff home. *Ugh* By 4pm, we left for Harvey and Jeanette's wedding. Harvey, my neighbor from across the street, is finally tying the knot. This is the same guy my family was trying to hook me up with five years ago.

Their wedding was at The Fairmont in San Jose. It was a small ceremony and reception, but very elaborate. The ceremony was short, sweet, and simple. The reception was breathtaking....the dining room was transformed into a park, including a wishing well, park bench, and park lamps. It was really cute. The bride and groom gave each guest a different party favor. We watched a beautifully choreographed First Dance (thanks to my mom) and a whimsical wedding party dance to Aaliyah's "Journey to the Past" song (from the "Anastasia" Soundtrack). We also watched a slideshow and a videotape of the proposal.
Not to rain on their parade, but all of it lacked that special something. It just seemed like everything was for show rather than for the bride and groom's enjoyment. The proposal video looked like it was shot with the intention of presenting it at the wedding. It lacked spontaneity and was too rehersed. I thought the father/daughter dance was really impersonal. The bride looked as though she were concentrating on her steps rather than enjoying the moment with her father...and when he was out of step, she looked irritated.
I'm so critical, huh? =P All in all, it was a nice wedding. I'm happy for them.

The cute red strappy shoes I wore for the wedding offered no ankle support, and I think I tweaked my ankle. =( OUCH! It swelled up toward the end of the night, and I'm all gimpy now. Hopefully it'll be all better tomorrow. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Picture from tonight:

ceremony in the Crystal room

my parents

my cousins, Heather and Eva

me and Aric

Harvey and Jeanette

cocktail reception

me, Ashlyn, Dad, Mom, and Wil

Wil and Tony

me, Mom, and Wil

clockwise from top left: ice sculpture, dining room, wishing well, floral candelabra centerpiece, wedding cake, and headtable.

Aric and his lil' girl on the dance floor

Mom and Dad

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