Ashlyn's first birthday has turned into a month-long celebration. She is such a lucky lil' girl!
We had a fantastic time today!...complete with lots of food, cotton candy, games, face-painting/tattoo stand, craft-table, castle jumpy, and lots of wonderful friends!
A great big hug and kiss to everyone who came over! THANK YOU!

Ashlyn's jumpy castle

the birthday girl

Wing and Ivy

me and Stacey

LB and her girls

May-Key and Taryn

Reina and Herb

Dad, Ashlyn, and Mom

Angel and Darwin

Jenni and Jimmy

Amanda, Wil, Ashlyn, me, and Christel

Ashlyn at the craft-table

making cotton candy!

blowing out the candle

family pictures

Tony, Wil, Bett, Ashlyn, and Ivy in the jumpy


me and Ashlyn

Darwin and Marisa

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