Happy Friday! I can't believe another week flew by! Yesterday, Ashlyn had her first well-baby visit. It was our first time out of the house since the ride home from the hospital. Since the weather's been cooling down a bit, I dressed her in layers....it took me over half an hour to get her ready...leaving me only five minutes to get myself ready. So unfair!...but to my amazement, I was able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy pants! *SWEET!* When we got to the doctor's, the nurse made me strip Ashlyn down to her diaper. Baby was none too happy about that. Anyhow, from the exam, the doctor says that she doing great. She's even above her birth weight (a WHOLE 4 oz), so that made me feel good. Ashlyn loved the car ride to and from the doctor's office....and surprisingly, we share the same preference for rap music. It must be the melodious booty-thumping of Ice Cube's "You Can Do it" that she enjoys. =) hehehe

All these great movies are coming out...and I can't go to see them. =( I've been making a mental list of movies I want to see, so I won't forget when they're finally released on video. My top 6 are:
1) Monsters, Inc.
2) The One
3) Serendipity
4) Riding in Cars with Boys
5) Shallow Hal
6) On the Line

Yeah, I know what you're thinking..."On the Line?!...what the hell?!" I can't help it, I like N*SYNC. I like Lance Bass. He seems like the sweet humble one out of the group. Anyways, I'm always a sucker for those teeny-bop movies...especially when a guy tosses all inhibitions out the window when it comes to getting the girl. My best guy-friend and I used to talk about this all the time. He's the ultimate romantic. He once asked me, "What would you do if a random guy came up to you with a bouquet of flowers?" And as sweet as that gesture is, my gutt response would be to reach for the pepper-spray. So, I guess as much as girls want to be woo-ed by a stranger...realistically, the girl would get frightened off.
I also like movies where guys are not afraid to make a fool of himself. In high school, I knew a guy who replicated the ending scene of "Sixteen Candles" for his girlfriend...lit birthday cake and all. *sigh* Do you have an incredibly romantic or endearing story to share? Email me...I'd love to hear 'em. I have a story, but haven't decided whether or not I want to post it. Hmmmm, we'll see.


Ashlyn's pic of the day
Look at that BIG SMILE! She's so funny...she only smiles in her sleep.

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