HAPPY FRIDAY! This morning Ashlyn and I hung out with Sis at her house making pom-poms for Marisa's Halloween costume. After several attempts (and yards of wasted ribbon), we finally got it right. *whew!* It was fun sitting around talking and being crafty together. *sigh* I love my sisters...they're the coolest!
Around noon, we grabbed sandwiches from Lee's, ate in the car, and picked up the cotton candy machine and other supplies for Ashlyn's big party tomorrow. We also picked up Christel and Amanda from school. The twins are getting really big now. We used to openly talk and giggle about everything...but these days, they're more reserved. I know it's just a teenage thing, and the awkwardness will pass. But what if they're outgrowing me. *sniff*

Sarah, who took a half day from work, drove down to hang out. Since she didn't have lunch, we went to Pasta Pomodoro for a bite. Afterwards I took her to Trudy's in Campbell to look at wedding gowns. The past few times I've been to Trudy's, I was snubbed by their snotty attitude. But this time....eh, ain't nothing changed....snobs! I normally wouldn't go back but they truly have the BEST dresses. Sarah wanted to stop by Valley Fair before dinner. This would be the third time in four days for me. Sarah picked up a "Lilo & Stitch" lithograph for preordering the movie, and we checked out Tiffany's.

A bunch of us got together for dinner at Korea House...including my parents. Dinner was fun! My parent's took the baby home first to give her a bath, while Sarah, Parkin, Ivy, Rosemary, Wil, Tony, and I went to the grocery store for last minute things for Ashlyn's party. We stayed up hanging out, prepping food, and watching "The Scooby Doo Movie" on DVD. I wouldn't say it was Freddie Prinze Jr.'s best role, but Matthew Lillard did a great job as Shaggy. I think it's a movie only kids would like. =/ Everyone took off after midnight.

Aric flew into LAX tonight around 6pm. The shuttle took him home around 8pm. He dropped off his stuff, quickly packed a bag, jumped in the car and is now heading up here. Crazy, huh? He doesn't want to miss his daughter's big party tomorrow. He should be getting in later...around 3am. I'll try to stay up, but not sure if I can hang. We'll see. =P hehehehe
Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

at Korea House

Mom, Ashlyn, and Dad

me and Sarah

Wil and Tony

Rosemary and Ivy


Wil piggin' out

Dad and Ashlyn

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