I don't know if my sisters feel the same way (I'm sure they do), but whenever I think of Dad, I always end up crying...not sad tears or anything. Just this overwhelming feeling of love and respect. It's hard to describe, but he is an incredible man, husband, and father. He's smart...REALLY smart, shy, kind, funny, patient, humble, and virtuous. My dad enjoys the simple things in life and never takes anything for granted. Even though all three daughters are married, and left the nest, we continue to look towards him as a source of strength. In my heart and in his eyes, I will always see myself as a little girl.
Anyhow, I just wanted to share with you what my dad is like. Many often mistake his quiet demeanor as being intimidating. Uh, no...that would be my mom! HAHAHAHA! *kidding*

Today, Ashlyn got a visit from her uncle Patrick. He spent the whole afternoon with us. It was a pretty relaxed day....no exploding diapers! hehehehe. Well, I better wrap this up...Dawson's Creek will be on soon, and Ed & Sue are coming over with Lauren and some food! =) Ahhhh, this is the life! Who said having a baby was hard work?! *knock on wood* =P

Oh, I want to THANK Aaron & Mayu for the Mrs. Field's cookies package I got via mail! Mmmmm! You guys are so sweet, and you both are sorely missed! Thanks!

Random thought: After watching Dawson's Creek last week, I have to ask: "what's going on with Jen?....she's not looking too good". =(

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