Today Ashlyn and I met with Josh and Craig for lunch in Sunnyvale. Unlike yesterday's web-friend meeting, I already know Josh. Actually, I don't even call him Josh...he's "Sonny" to me. Didn't even know his name was Josh until he came out with the "Swank Condo". hehe =P Anyhow, it was good seeing the fellas again. It's been a while since I last seen either of them. They're both looking good and happy, which always makes me happy. We caught up over dim sum, and the fellas just watched Ashlyn with quiet fascination the entire time. It was fun seeing their reactions to Ashlyn's reactions. After lunch, we stood around outside for a while before we headed our separate ways. Ashlyn had so much fun that she cried when the guys left. Awwwwww! =D

Ivy took a half day from work to show her cousin, Rosemary, around town. Rosemary's visiting from Taiwan but during the week she's been here, she never left her friend's apartment. Sad. I met up with Ivy and Rosemary at Valley Fair so Rosemary could do some shopping. Wing met up with us at Williams and Sonoma and walked around with us.
Ashlyn who attempted to feed herself at lunch had dried dim sum all over her shirt (and smelled of stale greasy food). I had to buy a shirt and change her into it right away. I think we spent a good few hours at the mall.

Wing and I left early to make dinner with my family. The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with my parents, cousins, Wil, and Tony. What a fun and eventful day!

Pictures from today:

Dim sum face

Ashlyn with Mr. "Swank Condo" himself

Ashlyn and Craig

me, Craig, and Ashlyn

Josh and Ashlyn

Ashlyn "regulating" the play area at Valley Fair

Rosemary, Ashlyn, and Ivy

playing around at Pottery Barn Kids

Wing and Ashlyn

Dad and Mom

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