Over the weekend, a bunch of our friends and relatives came over to see Ashlyn. I enjoy having people over since I don't get to go out this month....it's a "chinese" thing. There are so many rules regarding the first month after delivery for chinese people. For example, you're not supposed to take a shower or wash your hair for a month. Oh, hell naw! I broke that rule the day I got home from the hospital. You're not supposed to eat certain types of foods, you have to keep warm and covered up, you have to drink that Wild Chicken Soup, stay off your feet, drink brewed herbs that look, smell, and taste like dirt and bark....etc. The list goes on, but I think I've already broke every one of them. The purpose for these rules are to help you recover physically and spiritually. For chinese people, they say you can actually improve your health by the way you take care of your body after delivery. The ones I follow religiously, are staying home the first month (because the last thing I want to do is catch something and pass it on to the baby) and the other is to avoid drinking cold beverages (because, my mom said so). My parents have yet set eyes on the baby. Ashlyn came at a time when my parents were at their busiest. They're currently overseas on business, but will be flying down as soon as they get back. My poor mother can't help but cry every time I talk to her, or when she looks at pictures that I email her. I think both my parents regret not being able to be here and share in the momentous occassion. I told them not to worry...there will be other opportunities. *wink*
Which, Alex emailed me today asking: "Ok now, are you just going to keep cranking them out the next few years or are you going to wait before you recover, like around 5 years?!"
Homeboy, it doesn't take 5 years to recover! But it IS a bit soon to tell when Aric and I would want to try for another. At the moment, Aric's pretty busy balancing home, work, and school. He returned to work yesterday, and then had a study session with his group from 7-10pm. By the time he got home, he rushed to cuddle his baby-girl. I think he missed her. And who could blame him?....she's really sweet...and she smells pretty good too! =)

Ashlyn's pic of the day

I had a pretty busy morning. Ashlyn exploded in her diaper! Now I know what they mean when they tell you to expect 'yellow seedy stool'. GROSS! In the middle of changing and wiping her down, I discovered she wasn't finished yet. The more I wiped, the more came out. It managed to get all over the place...her sock, my arm, her back, my shirt, her hair....don't ask. =/ So I decided to strip her down and hose her off. She enjoyed the warm bath. Afterward, I patted her dry, dressed her in a brand-spankin'-clean cute lil' pooh outfit, and bundled her all up again (elasped time: 15 minutes). Then all of a sudden, something funky slapped me in the face! I checked, and sure enough, it was the return of the 'yellow seedy stool'! How can such a little baby have so much poop?!...it's unimaginable! It soaked through her brand-spankin'-clean cute lil' pooh outfit. So I repeated the steps above, fed her, and now she's sleeping soundly. *yawn*...I think I need a nap too! Yes, my life is exciting. hehehehe

Have a good day!

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