Today Ashlyn and I met up with Dina and J at Valley Fair. It's my first time meeting up with a web-friend face-to-face. Dina and I have been corresponding for a while now and we planned to meet during my visit. In person, she is exactly the way she comes off in emails...sweet, no-nonsense, confident, open, and honest. She made me feel comfortable instantly. Plus, her lil' one is THE cutest boy in the world! He's got the biggest and prettiest brown eyes with the longest lashes I've ever seen! I couldn't stop staring at him. *squeal!* =D
Dina and I had lunch, talked, walked around, shopped, and let our lil' ones play in the play area. Ashlyn and I had a really nice time. Thanks, Dina...let's do it again!

Mom got back from her Taiwan trip tonight. My sisters and I were planning to pick her up from the airport with my dad...but my dad's being strangely possessive about it. When we told him that we all wanted to go to the airport with him, he was being very discouraging about it...saying that parking is bad and that it's not necessary that we ALL go, blah, blah, blah.
I think he missed her terribly and was hoping to pick her up and have some quality time with her before their three attention/love starved daughters hoard her. hehehehe

So tonight, my girlfriends and I got together for an impromptu Girl's Nite dinner in San Mateo. We met up at Mimi's Cafe and went through our rituals of catching up and laughing.
Daisy and Ed stopped by to drop off a gift for Ashlyn. GOSH, I felt really bad for not having prepared anything for Christopher (since he recently celebrated his first birthday). That's what I noticed today (after Dina presented Ashlyn with a gift)...I'm a really thoughtless person. Every time I see friends, they always show up bearing gifts for Ashlyn...while I'm shamefully empty-handed. I should really start being more conscious of these things. =T

Dinner was really good. Mimi's Cafe has one of the best French Onion soups around. Being in the company of my girlfriends is always such a pleasure. But because some people still had work to finish up, we cut the evening short and headed home a little earlier than usual.
Ashlyn was pretty pooped from today's activities and fell asleep on the way home. Once I we got home, I put her to bed. My parents got in shortly after I did, and my mom was bummed that Ashlyn was down for the night. I was secretly happy the baby was asleep...I had my mom's undivided attention, and it gave us chance to catch up. Hmmm...I now understand what my dad was feeling. HAHAHAHA!

Pictures from today:

J entertaining Ashlyn with hand-puppets

TOO CUTE! Two Rolie Polie Olies at the Disney Store

Ashlyn wearing a "Jessie" (Toy Story II) wig

playing at the play area in Valley Fair

me and Dina with our lil' ones

Wil, Bett, and Ashlyn

Ashlyn and Christopher at Mimi's Cafe

Ivy and Cin

me, Bett, Ivy, and Wil

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