Today Sarah, Selina, and I went wedding gown shopping. Sarah's already been on a couple of shopping outings with the other bridesmaids, but wanted to do one while I was in town so I could finally meet Selina and Dana (so I also wouldn't feel robbed of the whole dress shopping experience with her). hehehe She's sweet, aint she? =D
Dana had to work, so I didn't get to meet her...but really enjoyed getting to know Selina. It's weird, but in the short time I spent with her, I felt very comfortable...like I've know her for years.
We had lunch at 369. Wil, Cin, and Matty happened to be right next door at Q-Cup and came over and joined us for lunch.

After lunch, Sarah, Selina, Ashlyn, and I went to David's Bridal at McCarthy Ranch. Instantly, we got NO love at David's Bridal. Our personal consultant gave us a catalog and told us to dog-ear the pages of the gowns we were interested in and she would pull those dresses for us. But she basically left and NEVER came back. We spent a good chunk of time just sitting there waiting. Finally I grabbed the catalog, and Selina and I went to pull the dresses ourselves. Sarah tried on about six or seven dresses. She looked beautiful in each one...but c'mon, we're talking about Sarah...she can make a potato sack look good. None of the dresses really popped out at me. Regardless, it's good to keep all our options open.

Selina had a friend to meet, and Sarah, Ashlyn, and I had to attend a pre-post birthday party (for Ashlyn, thrown by her Uncle Oli and Aaron). We got to Wil's house around 5pm (two hours late). Everyone was just watching the Giants game and hanging out while Aaron and Oli were busy in the kitchen. Of course Ashlyn freaked out seeing so many people and spent the first couple of hours crying off and on. I've learned to turn the other cheek to her crying and let some of her "aunties" take over. After much rocking, Cin and Wil were able to get Ashlyn to sleep. She woke in time for dinner in better spirits...sorta. We had spicy Cajun food for dinner...opened gifts, watched TV, and hung out.
Much props to Aaron and Oli! THANKS!
Oli baked a banana cake for Ashlyn, and she had a field-day making a big mess of it. She got pink frosting all over my clothes! Wil, Ivy, Sarah, and Cin stripped Ashlyn down and gave her a bath. I ran home to change my clothes and grab her pjs.

Thank you to everyone (Bett, Terry, Steve, Aaron, Oli, Ivy, Reina, Cin, Matty, Sarah, Parkin, Wil, and Tony) who spoiled Ashlyn with so much love, attention, and gifts! Ashlyn loves you guys...even if it didn't seem like it tonight. =P hehehe Nonetheless...I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Ahhh...an eventful and fun day! Hope y'all had a good weekend! =D

Pictures from today:

me, Ashlyn, Sarah, and Selina at 369

Ashlyn trying on a tiara while Auntie Sarah tried on wedding gowns

party-party at Wil and Tony's

Aaron cooking

Sarah and Parkin

Reina, Wil, El, me, and Sarah


"It's my party & I can cry if I want to..."

Ashlyn's yummy birthday cake (lovingly baked and frosted by Oli)

frosting mustache! HEHEHEHEHE

opening gifts

Reina, Ivy, Wil, Cin, Ashlyn, and me

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