Ashlyn and I got up early this morning and had breakfast with Dad. Wil had a golf-date with Matty today, so Ashlyn and I caught a ride up to Albany with her and spent a day with Cin.
I swear...whenever I'm with Cin, I gain like 5 pounds or something. All we do is EAT! =P
We had an early lunch at Sheng Kee at the Pacific Rim Plaza. It's been a while since I last ate there and really missed it. The sad thing is, they changed the menu since my last dining experience. The menu is shorter and the food is no longer anything special. *poo!* =(
I hate that!

Afterward, Cin and I went to the new Hilltop Plaza and checked out Ross. Cin and I found a few really great bargains. Ashlyn, as well...she got a really cute Liz Claiborne fleece hooded jacket and a bucket of Lego Duplo blocks. We headed over to the newly renovate plaza in El Cerrito. It's really amazing what they've done to the place....I barely recognize it. Back in the day, my friends and I would eat at Chevy's in that plaza...maybe venture into Longs, but that's about it. Now the plaza has a bunch of new stores and restaurants, anchored by Albertsons, Barnes and Noble, and Bed Bath and Beyond. We shopped at Bed Bath and Beyond, then had an afternoon snack at Yan Can (Martin Yan's fast food eatery). Cin and I tried their lettuce cups and potstickers. Our lil' snack turned into a full on meal. =P The food was pretty good. Nothing fancy, but a definite step-up from Panda Express.

Aric called my cell during our snack. It's been a couple of days since I last heard from him. We updated each other on our days and of course I would give him an "Ashlyn-report". She's getting better at walking, she's added the word "cold" to her volcabulary, and low and behold, her lower right incisor has finally broken skin! You can't actually see a tooth, but you can definitely feel it. Sharp lil' sucker! YAY! FINALLY! ...after a year and six days!...her first toof! hehehe

After shopping, we headed back to Cin's. Ashlyn and I watched "The Fast and The Furious" while Cin reorganized her spice cabinet and pantry. The day was really nice and relaxing. But the big test was our plans for the evening. Earlier in the week, Wil had told me to reserve Saturday because Matty offered to watch Ashlyn...leaving us an evening of endless possibilities. Club Bas was one of our first considerations....but then I opted for a movie ("Sweet Home Alabama") with the girls instead. But as it turned out, Ashlyn wouldn't let us go. She cries whenever I leave the room (even to use the bathroom)...so going out was absolutely out of the question! =T

Wil, Matty, and Mayu got back from golf and brought back plate-lunches from L&L. I was still full from Yan Can's, but managed to put away much of my kalbi plate. *burp!* Gluttony, I tell ya!...total gluttony! We hung out and watched TV. Matty entertained and soothed the baby with his ukelele-plucking. Usually we stay at Cin's till after SNL, but Ashlyn was becoming too overwhelming (even for me). Wil and I left around 10pm.

Overall, I had a great time. I was just bummed to have missed Rich and Millie's visit....it's so rare that they venture to the South Bay. *sigh*...next time.

Pictures from today:

Cin and Ashlyn at Sheng Kee

Ashlyn's many facial expressions

me and Cin at El Cerrito Plaza

Uncle Matty teaching Ashlyn how to play the ukelele

Mayu, Wil, and Cin watching

me and Ashlyn

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