Happy Friday! Ashlyn and I hung out with Sis today. We had lunch at Tofu House in Sunnyvale (my old stomping grounds), ran errands, and shopped together. We picked up my nieces from school and took them to a nearby cafe/deli for sandwiches and smoothies. Chilled a bit at Sis'...then I brought Ashlyn back home for some "down-time" before dinner.

Around 6pm, I picked up my niece Marisa from her sewing class and we met up with Wil and Bett at my mom's office. We all carpooled to Bridgepoint in San Mateo to meet with Ivy for dinner. You know that separation anxiety that Ashlyn has been experiencing?...well it reared it's ugly head during the drive up. It was miserable listening to her scream and wail throughout the entire ride. *UGH!*
We ate at Armadillo Willy's. It was really yummy, but now I have a stomach-ache. =/ After dinner, Wil and Ivy went to a friend's anniversary celebration, while Bett and I opted not to go...and headed home. Less than five minutes of driving, and Ashlyn started her awful crying again. I did my best to tune her out, but it was really hard. It was just one of those nights where I wished I could magically appear home at a finger's snap....but there was at least another forty minutes till home. =(

By the time we got home, she was fighting hard to catch her breath. It's rare that she cries so hard that it causes gasping shudders and reflexes. Poor girl! I gave her a bottle and put her to bed. She had a long day. I overheard my niece, Marisa, complain to my dad with, "Ashlyn cried sooooo hard, I could barely sleep!" *squint eyes and grumble* My niece complaining about sleep?! I had to concentrate from vearing off the road! *huff*
I stayed up and watched "Panic Room" with my dad and cousin.
*YAWN!* Tired. Gotta get up early tomorrow. =P
Have a good weekend! =D

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn's gummy smile

Ashlyn clapping

Christel, Sis, Ashlyn, and Amanda

my nieces and Ashlyn


Bett and Wil at dinner

Marisa, Ashlyn, Ivy, and Bett

Ivy, Ashlyn, Bett, me, and Wil

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