Ashlyn and I spent a whole day with Wing. We met up with Sarah and Cin in Oakland Chinatown for dim sum at Jade Villa. Lunch was yummy, but my visit with Sarah was too short. After lunch, we slowly walked back to our cars and gave Ashlyn a chance to show off her walking skills to Sarah. hehehe The weather in the East Bay was cold and gloomy so we didn't lolly-gag too much before saying goodbye.

Wing, Cin, Ashlyn, and I went to IKEA to walk around and indulge in an apple cake and french fries. How Cin and I were able to eat again after such a big lunch was beyond me! =P
We headed back to Cin's afterwards...and I got a chance to visit with Cin's in-laws again before they return to Hawaii. =)

For dinner, Wing, Ashlyn, and I went to Wil and Tony's for dinner. Tony made a pot of yummy Japanese Chicken Curry. I fixed us a quick salad to go along with it, and we watched the Thursday Night line-up.
"ER" was pretty good tonight...unfortunately, I couldn't watch it till the end because Ashlyn started to fuss a lot and I had to take her home. Since coming up North, Ashlyn's been showing signs of separation anxiety...probably the worst I've ever seen. I'm not enjoying it at all. =(

For the past few nights, I've been working on my webpage consistently. I've encountered a bit of difficulty uploading since the password changed (since the last time I used this laptop). I emailed Aric in China and I'm patiently waiting for his reply. Hopefully he remembered my password. =P
Today was a long day. I'm pooped.

Pictures from today:

looking up at the Pacific Renaissance building in Oakland Chinatown

Chinatown market

Wing and Ashlyn outside ABC Cafe

Sarah and Ashlyn at Jade Villa

Cin, me, Ashlyn, and Sarah

Ashlyn and Sarah walking

me and Cin at IKEA

Matty and Ashlyn

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