I got a call from Aric around 2am...though half asleep, I could tell something was wrong. He was sick and had a really bad case of Montezuma's. He suspects it was the super spicy hot-pot dinner from the previous night. I think we talked for 10 minutes.
This morning, when I woke up, I had to call him to make sure that I didn't dream the whole thing. Good to know that he's feeling better. =)

My dad brought me one of his homemade fruit smoothies this morning...the drink tastes kinda yucky, but I LOOOOVE the gesture. So to make my dad happy, I gulp down the entire glass right in front of him. hehehehe

I spent the morning cleaning my parents' living room, family room, library, pantry, and huge kitchen. When Wil and I used to live here, we made sure that the house was spotless. When we moved out, we passed on the responsibilities to our cousins (who still live here). Unfortunately, they either don't care to do it or have really low standards. Whatever the case may be, I was LIVID!
For the past 5 years, my parents have housed, fed, and supported them...the least they can do is help out with the chores and keep things nice and clean. Everytime I come home, I end up cleaning the whole house! I'm sick of complaining about it and lecturing them repeatedly...but obviously they don't seem to care very much. *sigh* =(

Wing came over this afternoon. Sis and my nieces were over playing with Ashlyn. I needed to run some errands, so I left Ashlyn at home while Wing and I went to Longs and Eastridge Mall. I didn't find what I was looking for at the ghetto mall....maybe I'll try Valley Fair later this week.

Dad and I fixed a yummy dinner. Since Mom's been in Taiwan, Dad said that he hasn't had much of an appetite. It's cute how much he misses her. I know it's no fun eating alone. Tonight we made all his favorite foods: fresh steamed crab and other Chinese homecooking. He busted open a bottle of Chandon Blanc de Noirs. Mmmmmm! After dinner, Wil accompanied Dad on a stroll around the neighborhood while I finished feeding Ashlyn. Then we popped in "Iron Monkey"...since my dad's never seen it.
Wil, Tony, and I stayed up talking till late.

Pictures from today:

Marisa and Ashlyn at home

posing with Wing's car
(all I need is a pair of Sketchers, a midriff, and some boobs...
and maybe I can make the car show circuit) HAHAHAHA!

Marisa and Ashlyn

my cousin, Eva and me


Wil on the phone

my cousin, Heather

Ashlyn sleeping...Nitey-nite!

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