Tony, Wil, Bett, me, Baby, Aric, Ivy, Wey, and Oli

What I'm most proud of, and cherish, in this life are my family, my husband, my new baby, and undoubtedly my FRIENDS. No matter what the occassion, my friends always make everything special and memorable for me...for example: oral surgery. In '94, after getting all four wisdom teeth extracted, my girlfriends were there to take care of me, feed me soup (even though it dribbled down my chin)...then that very same night, they took me to some frat party in Berkeley. Being so drugged up that day, I couldn't remember much of the party except that I kept asking my friend, Richard, if he got a haircut....like 10 times! But from pictures we took that night, it was obvious that I had a great time. But then again, when do I NOT have a great time with my friends?!
So being surrounded by them this past weekend really meant a lot to me (and Aric). They turned my labor & delivery suite into a party room...bringing in lots of snacks and drinks as if we were hosting a football party rather than having a baby. All the attending nurses checked on us regularly, hung out and chatted with us at length. When my contractions began to feel like the cramp-of-death, my friends played charades and did silly things like, "sofa-bed synchronized swimming" to take the edge off my contractions. Everyone stayed with me up until it was time to push, then Aric and Wil stayed...while everyone stood outside with their ears pressed against the door. My labor was pretty short...few hours of manageable contractions...maybe a couple of hours of really painful contractions, then after the epidural was administered, I went from being 5cm dialated to complete 10cm in 25 minutes!...then it was time to push! It was crazy quick!...we were afraid my doctor wouldn't be able to make it. She ran in, barely had time to remove her purse from her shoulder and scrub up. The whole 'push' time lasted maybe a whole 5 minutes....and, out came baby! I have to say, I was so fortunate. This whole pregnancy treated me kindly....no morning sickness, no weird cravings, no complications, and a relatively easy delivery. Baby and I felt so good, we were able to go home the very next day!

I posted a photo-journal for 10.07 of my friends chillin' in the delivery room...pre and post-baby. Aric and I really want to thank Wil, Tony, Bett, Ivy, Oli, Wey, Ann, Phil, Ed, and Sue for being there for us. They all prepped meals for us the whole weekend, did chores, and stocked our fridge with heat-n-eat meals and other goodies! To Sis, Cin, and Matty, who wanted to be there, but couldn't...your flowers and thoughts were with us the entire time!
We also got a huge shipment of loot in the mail on Friday. A huge heartfelt THANKS goes out to Lan, X, Angie, and Troy! Also, a package arrived today, but we have no idea who it's from...no note, no invoice, nothing...just wondering who sent the Fisher-Price Sparkling Symphony Gym??? For the mysterious sender, please email me. We're truly grateful!

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