I barely slept last night...after taking care of some stuff around the house, packing, re-packing, and showering, it was 4 in the freakin' morning! Since I had to be up by 6am, I debated whether or not I should just stay up and forgo sleep. I watched "Johnny Quest" on Cartoon Network, but started getting really tired. I think I slept for an hour and 15 minutes before my alarm sounded. *whine*...tired!
I guess that's what I get for putting things off till the very last minute. =P

Emily picked us up and dropped us off at the airport before she went to work. Because I got to the airport super early, I was able to catch an earlier flight home. I tried to sleep on the plane, but Ashlyn wouldn't let me. She wouldn't let the guy sitting next to us sleep either. He had his eyes closed and head back...and to my horror, I caught her pulling at his arm hairs! He was really nice though. He would peek one eye open, smile, and ask, "what are you doing?" in a baby-voice...which made Ashlyn squeal with delight. But can you imagine if he wasn't a nice man? *yikes!*

My dad picked us up and we went back to his office. He wanted to wrap up some stuff so we could go straight home after lunch. We ate at Kazoo in J-town with Rudy, then headed home. I totally slept in the car. The rest of the afternoon was spent chasing Ashlyn around...my parents' home is not baby-proof. They have hardwood floors, a lot of plants, delicate antiques, and sharp corners. I was chasing her so much that my back is killing me now.
I don't know why I thought that coming here would be easier than being at home with Ashlyn. Granted, I'm constantly surrounded by people (alleviating the loneliness), but Ashlyn's all over the place here...and no one seems to realize how dangerous it can be. For example, she was crawling straight for the fan...and if I weren't in the room to stop her, she would have stuck her fingers through the grate. =O I guess my dad and cousins just assume that she knows NOT to do that. But she doesn't. I'm always one step ahead of her and it's EXHAUSTING! Not to mention, she's heard the word "NO!" more today than ever. *UGH!* Things were easier when she was free to play and do whatever at home. Okay, I'm totally complaining. =P Don't get me wrong....I love it here. It's just that now that Ashlyn's older...it's not as easy visiting my folks as before.

Dad, Wil, Tony, Marisa, Ashlyn, and I took Sis out for a belated birthday dinner at Pasta Pomodoro. Dinner was a lot of fun. My niece, Marisa, is such a spazz. I say that with utmost love though. hehehe Unlike her two older sisters, Marisa talks A LOT!...and super fast! She's really animated and demonstrative...she doesn't just tell you a story, she acts it out. Anyway, she busted out a dance routine in the middle of the restaurant...completely oblivious to other patrons. It was cute. *covering face* HAHAHAHAHA

We got back in time for "Smallville". I was really surprised to find out that Tony watches "Smallville", too! Right On! =D Wil's never seen it, but I think she might be hooked now. hehehe
Afterwards, everyone went home. Dad and I gave Ashlyn a bath and put her to bed. Need I say that I'm beyond tired? But I gotta dump pictures from my camera onto the laptop. What a long day!

Pictures from today:

Sis, me, Dad, Ashlyn, Wil, and Marisa at Pasta Pomodoro

Ashlyn chompin' on bread

Sis, me, and Wil

Sis, Dad, and baby

Wil and Tony

Ashlyn and Marisa


Marisa dancing....what a crack up!

Ashlyn and Marisa

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