Ashlyn got into a bit of trouble this morning. While I left her upstairs watching her usual PBS, I came downstairs to make her a bottle and check for UPS delivery. I guess I was downstairs longer than I thought....but anyway, I heard her crying, and when I went up to check on her, she had all this white stuff on her face. It looked weird... like dried diluted white-out all over her face and hands. Initially, I thought she threw up (though she had not eatten yet) and rubbed it all over her face. I grabbed a towel and cleaned off her face, eyes, and nose. I wiped her hands, but the white stuff was much thicker and was crusted on her fingernails and cuticles. It was beginning to get real nervous. I looked all around our room for something she might have gotten into....but nothing. I smelled her hands and face, but it didn't have an odor. I decided to look around upstairs and check every room.
I noticed the upstairs bathroom door ajar. I thought I had closed it all the way...in any case...sure enough, I saw her binky laying on the floor near the toilet. When I went to pick it up, I noticed the semi empty paint can (where we soak our paint brushes). I picked up the paint can, and aside from the paint brushes, was murky water. I dipped my finger in there and the bottom of the paint can had all this white residue. I think she played with that. Not knowing if she had put any in her mouth, I decided to taste it. Yeah, collective suicide. hehehe I just wanted to be sure it wasn't too harmful. It was odorless and tasteless...just a bit chalky. Ashlyn crawled over to see what I was doing and instantly recognized the paint can. Yep!...I'm pretty sure she got into that. Anyway, she looked okay and wasn't showing signs of sickness or anything. I fed her 8oz. of milk, then left for her doctor's appointment. She happened to have her 1-year well baby check up today.
I told the doctor, and the doctor said it was okay, as long as there wasn't any cleaner in there (ie..turpentine, acetone, etc...). *whew!* Ashlyn is well above the 50th percentile in everything. She also got two shots- MMR and Varicella (chickenpox). She cried a little, but it wasn't too bad.
I felt bad all morning...going through all the horrible "what-ifs" that could have happened while I left her unattended. Sometimes I get too comfortable...and this morning's incident is a slap across the face to keep me in check. I have to keep a closer eye on her. =/

The rest of the day was a bit calmer. Ashlyn took a long nap...as she usually does after a doctor's visit. I started some laundry, cleaned out the fridge, dumped garbage, paid some bills, and watered my plants. Just trying to get everything squared away before I leave tomorrow. Oh, I finally got the packages from UPS. Aric's switching our cell service from Cingular to T-Mobile...so we got new phones! I got this cool Sony Ericsson T86i. The thing I like about this phone is it's color screen and I can program it so that when someone calls, their picture pops up. COOL! =D OH DAYAM!...I just got a glimpse of the price...I REALLY hope Aric didn't spend THAT much on it. Dunno if I want it afterall. =T

Emily came over tonight. She brought Chinese take-out for dinner, I made a couple of dishes, and we had a nice dinner. Afterwards we hung out with the baby, looked through pictures, talked, played around with my new camera, and watched TV.
Ashlyn was walking around so much tonight! It's amazing because just yesterday, she could take a few wobbly steps before falling to her hands and knees...and now tonight, she was walking all around the living room for a long time, and picking up speed too! I got some of it on video! =D
Alrighty...I better pack and take care of a few more things before bed. Emily's picking us up at the crack-o-dawn and dropping us off at the airport. I'll be bringing the laptop with me, but not sure when I'll get a chance to update. =P

Pictures from tonight:

me and Ashlyn eating fruit

Ashlyn and me

Emily and Ashlyn

Emily and I having some fun with Ashlyn. hehehe

Ashlyn enjoying her stuffed animal "hat". =D

self-timer shot of the three of us

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