(photo collage of Ashlyn's monthly progression)

Today Ashlyn turns 1 year old! I can't believe how fast time flies! I still remember bringing her home from the hospital like it was yesterday! *sniff*
So after one year, she has evolved from a teeny-tiny helpless, fragile, precious 6 and a half pound newborn into a smiley precocious 22 pound rough-n-tumble bruiser! Ashlyn is well on her way to walking and I'm sure talking will soon follow. She rarely cries, laughes heartily, is unbelievably tolerant, able to communicate through series of sounds and gestures, loves to dance, is very affectionate, and is extremely expressive. She has such a sunny dispostion...and Aric and I both feel as though we really lucked out with her. =D
The past 12 months have brought me immeasurable happiness and joy...as well as a sense of inner peace and fullfillment. The past 12 months have also taught me patience, strength, faith, and endurance beyond my imagination. She has added so much to my life...I'm blessed. =D

Can I just say that I have taken more pictures in the past 365 days than I ever had! Ashlyn has soooo many pictures (over five thousand)! *CRIKEY!* Thank goodness for digital, eh? I doubt I would be this diligent with my next child. =T hehehe

Today was a nice, lazy, quiet, and relaxing day. I debated whether or not I should take Ashlyn to the park or something, but it was much too hot today. Ashlyn and I stayed home, and Glenda came to spend the afternoon with us. We watched a couple of movies: "What Lies Beneath" and "A Knight's Tale". Both were okay I guess...I didn't pay too much attention.

The rest of the evening was just spent playing with Ashlyn and watching TV. I normally don't watch FOX's "King of the Hill", but tonight's was pretty damn funny. Tonight's "Boomtown" was really good too.
The house seems quiet without Aric (which is pretty ironic since he normally doesn't talk much anyhow). hehehehe I miss him!

Gonna try to go to bed earlier tonight. Hope you all had a great weekend! =D


Ashlyn's pic of the day

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