This morning I got up early...got myself and Ashlyn ready and headed out to meet with Cin in West Hollywood. This is my first time venturing out of the Irvine area alone. Traffic wasn't too bad, but everyone drives like maniacs! People in LA lay on the horn a lot...and at times, for no good reason! It really makes me flustered. =(

Cin's in LA with Matty's folks (who flew out from Hawaii). They made a trip down here to see "The Lion King" at The Pantages Theater. After meeting with Cin and her in-laws at their hotel in West Hollywood, Cin, Ashlyn, and I went to pick up Matty (who flew in separately) at LAX. We had lunch at Broadway's Bar & Grill on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. The weather was really nice and we spent the afternoon walking around, shopping, and taking in the street performers.

Whack shit always happens to me...while we were walking on 3rd Street, a pack of pigeons flew in real low and one of them flew into the side of my head! I was startled and tried to play it off, but it was kinda hard since a bunch of people nearby jumped back looking alarmed and revolted. =/ *sigh* Luckily, I wasn't pelted with poo in the process.

We headed back to Cin and Matty's hotel around 5pm to allow Ashlyn some "down-time". Since she slept in the car, she was wide awake and engaged in some WWF play with Matty and Cin while I used their shower. I HAD to shower. I know it's psychological, but my hair felt gross after the pigeon-incident.

Matty's parents made reservations and took us out to dinner at Off Vine. Off Vine is an old house transformed into a cozy restaurant tucked away between tall buildings in the Sunset Strip area. The house is heavily hidden behind a fence of Hederas. I've seen this restaurant in a movie before...I want to say, "The Bodyguard", but I'm not sure.
Food was really tasty. While everyone ordered Pork Chops, Sea Bass, Pasta, and other scrumptious entress, I was still full from lunch and order their Tomato Basil soup and a salad of Baby Spinach. Off Vine didn't have high-chairs (since they seem to cater to more mature patrons)...Ashlyn sat unwillingly in a booster seat. To ensure that she didn't fall off, I had to keep my arm around her the whole time, which made eating dinner very difficult. Matty was kind enough to go down and bring her stroller up.

6263 Leland Way
Hollywood, CA 90028
Tel: (323) 962-1900
Fax: (323) 962-1969

After dinner, Cin, Matty, and Matty's parents had to rush to make the show...so we said goodbye, and I slowly made my way back home. It was great being able to see Cin, Matty, and Matty's parents!
Driving down Santa Monica Boulevard (toward the 101) was a bit scary at night. It's like rolling through the barrio. Traffic wasn't too bad after I got on I-5. I talked to Wil for a bit during my drive and that helped a lot.

Pictures from today:

Matty and Ashlyn at 3rd Street Promenade

Ashlyn, Matty (being camera-shy), and Cin

me and Cin

holding Ashlyn's gift from Cin, Matty, Lyle and Denise
a gold carved Hawaiian bracelet...THANKS!


Ashlyn wearing her new bauble

Ashlyn on 3rd Street

Matty's mom, Matty, and Ashlyn at Off Vine

Uncle Ted, Auntie Ruth, Ashlyn, Cin, and Matty

After we got home, Ashlyn played with her new toys while I laid on the couch and watched Jet Li's "Kiss of the Dragon". The movie was...ehhh, okay. I was starting to fall asleep during the end, so I decided to get the baby ready for bed. Ashlyn surprised me this morning by say "Daddy!" She said it a couple of times. I think Aric would be sad to have missed that.
After Ashlyn went to bed, I dumped pictures off my camera. Aric called from China. It was so good to hear his voice. It's so weird not having him here....I guess I'm used to being the one to leave on trips and not the other way around. hehehehe
I'm sleepy..G'Nite!

Ashlyn playing


hugging her pillow

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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